Here’s my Birthday in Pictures



My 29th B-Day

Miss Carli Fierce is only 29 Years Young!

  1. Hope you won the mouse race and Happy Belated Birthday!! Hope it was a great one, looks like it was. As far as music suggestions, lately I’ve been listening to the Blade 2 soundtrack; lots of good stuff there Mystikal, Volume 10, the Roots, Cypress Hill, Ice Cube and Mos Def are few of my favorite tracks on that cd, plus they’re backed by some killer DJs: BT, Roni Size and Moby to name a few. Thanks again for all your support! My first race is at the end of September (a 4 miler) and I’m using your wall as motivation 🙂 Keep up the great work and I look forward to starting week 8 with your pod on Tuesday.

  2. Kirk you’re almost there! Who-hoo! 4 miles is awesome. You know, I was checking out the Fast and Furious soundtrack, it had some good stuff too. I’ll definitly check it out.

  3. Happy Belated bday Carli….looks like you had a good time and I loved the outfit!

  4. Lin, my b-day outfit was a little spicy, but I loved it!

  5. Is your birthday 8/9? So totally cool…me too! I knew there was a reason I found this site!

  6. Yay Jennifer F. You’re my Birthday Twin!!! I’m glad you found me!

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