So, I’m calling it a 2 for 1 special, not because I did something really cool like work out twice in one day, but because I’m super busy and I’m putting two days of workouts in 1 blog post.   So yesterday,  Mr. Man text me and told me that he wanted to go for a walk again.  I couldn’t believe it!  Especially, since he said he was still sore from climbing the hill on Saturday.  I had a ton of stuff to do, but it’s so hard for me to turn down somebody who wants to work out, and he was willing to make the long drive to my side of the river.  It was a beautiful night, everyone is happy that the weather finally broke from one of the hottest summers on record.  We walked back towards the picturesque water basin & fountain.  There were couples everywhere…but gay couples.  Girls kissing girls and men on cute wine and cheese picnics together.  Love who you wanna love, but I think we missed the memo and came on Gay night in the park.

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     Anyway, Mr. Man said this part of the park is so beautiful, that he could imagine that many guys propose to their ladies right here…..Hmmmm….. In my practical mind I said “pump your brakes dude, we’ve been dating for less than 2 months.”  But instead I said yea it is beautiful…hmmmmm…anyway, we had a great walk, I ran the hill, while he walked because I didn’t want him to over do it since he hadn’t “exercised like this since high school.” ……Once we got close to the car, I noticed he started to actually run, challenging me to a race!   “Ah naw!”, I exclaimed.  He wasn’t going to be beat me on my own turf.   I took off running and left him and Nyah in my dust. ….Much like my Lil sister left me on race day.  When they made it to the car, I said did you really think you could beat me running????  He slapped his hand on the hood of the car and said “Yep I just won”  LOL!  Cheaters never win I said jokingly, forgetting the childhood rules that you gotta “touch the base” first to win the race.
     As much fun as my walk was, I was totally unprepared for today’s boot camp class.  5 minutes in, we had already done 3 suicide runs spaced by jumping jacks.  This class made climbing that monstrous hill in the park akin to stepping over a rock.  Lyle was on a mission today.  There were about 12 of us in class today, so he gave us each an activity, sit-ups, jumping jacks, push-ups on “ The Perfect Pushup ”, Kettlebell squats, Jump Rope, Resistance Band pulls and more.  We each rotated to the next “station” until we completed 45 seconds at each activity.  And, when we finished the interval workouts breathing heavy and shirts soaked with sweat.  He said okay, let’s take a water break and repeat!  Seriously.  We had to do it all over again.  Then we ran a lap for the girl who was late.  My co-worker friend and I power walked, there was no running left in me.  Finally it was time for the cool down stretches and about 20 extra push-ups.  But we survived, just to do it all again on Thursday.



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