On Friday, I went across the river to Mr. Man’s side of town.  I went to his house for the 1st time.  I was a little concerned that in 2 months, he had been to my house numerous times, but I had never been to his.  I had all these crazy ideas about what to expect, since I was traumatized by my younger days,  when I dated this dude for like 3 months, that “forgot” to mention his wife and 2 kids that he lived with. Then, my Mama told me about this guy that dated this lady for years, only to find out that she was never allowed to visit his house because he lived with another man!   To make it worse, Mr. Man kept saying stuff like, “I’ll pick you up” or “Let’s just meet at the restaurant”  Oh no, I told him, I’m coming over, and I’m coming inside….  To my delight, there were no mystery wives, children or gay lovers living there.   LOL! Later that evening, we ate way too much at Fast Eddie’s whose specialty is fresh grilled 99 cents half pound hamburgers.   On Saturday Morning I got up before 8 AM to workout, because I knew there wouldn’t be enough time during the day.  I popped in one of  Chatty Cathie’s DVDs.  Okay, so I’m talking about the “Walk at Home” connoisseur Leslie Sansone.  That lady talks so much.  She talks during the entire workout, and doesn’t take a breath.  I think that’s her specialty, you’re so busy  listening to her that you don’t realize that you stood in front of the TV and walked 3 miles.  That afternoon, I had errands to run and some business to handle.  Before I realized it, Mr. Man was right on time, standing at my door in a suit, and I was dressed in track pants and a Michael Jackson T-Shirt.  Give, me 10 minutes, I lied, it’ll be the fastest transformation you’ll ever witness.   It was longer than 10 minutes, but I certainly got “wedding ready” pretty quickly.  My childhood friend was getting married, and I took Mr. Man as my date. 

The outdoor wedding was soooo fabulous!  She must have prayed all year for a sunny day with a cool breeze, because I wouldn’t be surprised if we had snow, rain and a heat advisory all in in the same day….  It was funny at work on Friday, one of the lawyers said, if you don’t like this thunderstorm, just wait an hour.  And just like she said the sun was shining as if the mid-day storm never happened.  Anyway, my friend looked flawless on her special day.  Her dress was gorgeous.  Everything was perfect.  I was so surprised to see baby pics of me and the bride I’d never seen in the wedding slide show during the portion with her childhood pictures.  That was so special.  As things came to the close, we line danced to the cha-cha slide at the reception and had a blast. 

Sunday, I hung out with my girls who missed hanging with me since they say I’m “always on dates.”  We went to a “Day Party”  with a great DJ that played instruments and sang with the music, on a restaurant patio on one the last few good weather days before winter rears it’s ugly head.   After dinner with the girls, I picked up my little sister, who also complained about not getting enough sister time since I got a new man in my life.  We watched Brooklyn’s Finest, which was a flick about crooked New York cops.  It was almost a little too graphic for me.  I love scary movies and one of my favorite TV shows is the super bloody show about a serial killer named Dexter.  But, I was not  huge fan of the watching this movie, because it’s the stuff that you unfortunately know happens every day in real life. We woke up bright and early today.  It was a holiday, Labor Day.  And I took full advantage of it, I said I was not leaving until my house was clean.  The little sis fussed about dog hair everywhere, and I realized my true shop-aholicness when I put away clothes I didn’t remember buying or even wearing.  But at the end of the day, the house was clean…This afternoon, I went over and met Mr. Man’s Mom, and the other siblings that I hadn’t met.   They were all so nice and treated me like family. I had to throw in the good stuff like, I don’t have any kids, I work at law firm, I have a masters degree, etc etc…. “Did I pass?” I questioned him later, he said “Yes, baby with flying colors, you even earned 1001 brownie points”  I told him, that was good and that he should expect that one day, I’m going cash them in, and see what they’re worth!

  1. Hi Carli! I’ve started a revolution (actually, you started it) on my facebook page by mentioning your C25K program. Lots of interested friends! 🙂 I’m gonna be in your neck of the woods next week and as I am a foodie kind of girl was wondering what yummy, food goodness you would reccomend. I’m staying at the Chase Park Plaza….any ideas?

    Have a good Friday! Jenn Fisher

  2. Jenn thanks for starting “the revolution” Hehe…do I know any yummy goodness? I know yummy goodness all too well. Warning folks, this is NOT healthy food, only deliciousness. You have to try Pi Pizza in the U. City loop, or the one in the Central West End might be closer to you. Even President Obama flew them to DC to make him a pizza. Duff’s is also in the Central West End. Do you like Sushi? Try The Drunken Fish. Do you like Mexican? Me and Mr. Man went to Chava’s downtown in Soulard for our 1st date. It’s fantastic. Ted Drews is everyone’s favorite ice cream treat. Since you’re staying at such a nice hotel, if you want good food, and a nice ambiance, try 1111 Mississippi. That’s the name and the address…..I hope this helps! Enjoy your time here in The Lou.

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