I’m still working it at work. After we ate steamed veggies with chicken and side salad, we headed outside and power walked for half an hour. I need to calculate the distance, but I’m sure it was over a mile. I’m so loving these results. I’ve lost about 6.5 pounds since I got back started on the right path a couple weeks ago. I had big plans to get back into the boot camp groove tonight, but my little sister called when she got home from school. She told me that she was “taking me to dinner in forest park, that she was driving and that when we got to the restaurant someone would buy our meal.” I’m so Type-A, and this loose plan of letting a brand new 16 year old driver “take” me to dinner and have it “paid for” by some mystery person was a not really specific enough for me. She told me to trust her. I had to drive over my parent’s house because she only has a learners driver’s permit.  But check this, she already has a CAR! I had to trudge for miles through the snow on Mizzou’s gigantic campus and maintain a 3.5 GPA for a whole year before I got my 1986 Chevy Celebrity, and this chick is a Junior in High School with a car. Okay, so I’m a little jealous, but she does keep a 3.8 GPA, so I ain’t mad at her. LOL!

Anyway, I held my breath as she drove dangerously close to the cars parked on the street and claimed that the kid on the bike across the street was “too close and in her way.” I told her I had better not be risking my life and skipping boot camp, just so she give me some bootleg turkey sandwich in the park parking lot where everyone goes to practice driving. She assured me it was a real sit down restaurant. I was still nervous, because I just don’t do surprises well….

She actually drove pretty good, until she simultaneously stopped, bowed her head, closed her eyes and sneezed. “What are you doing???!!” I shrieked. “I had to sneeze” she genuinely replied, “I made sure no one was behind me I before I stopped” …. “Child, please don’t stop the car in the middle of the street to sneeze.” Geez… Anyway, we pulled up to a restaurant in Forest park near the golf course that I never even knew existed. It was a dead giveaway then, the mystery money man had to be my Dad. He is a complete golf fanatic. Dad joined us a few minutes later and treated his daughters to dinner. I’m sure if my Big Little Sister reads this she’s gonna be mad we left her out. Well it wasn’t my plan sis, I just rode along,  get mad at the teenager. LOL! We had a great time, and I made it home safe and sound. Whew!
What Did Carli Eat Today?
B- Free donut in the kitchen at work, which of course not filling so I ate the banana bread I brought too.
L- Steamed veggies with chicken and a Side Salad
D-Philly cheese steak (took off half of the bread) with a side salad, and shared order of sweet potato fries. Dessert – A little bite of my sisters Apple streusel cheesecake.

  1. So you must live near Forest Park. While I was there I SWEAR I saw you and Mr. Man…I almost yelled “CARLI!” just to see if you turned to look. Actually, everyone would have probably turned to look…oh well. Beautiful area, humid as heck, but sooo pretty!

    You are doing so good after your “panic.” Avoid those nasty donughts, though. I worked out with a personal trainer for a while who had a great way of always putting things into perspective. My downfall is chips…pizza…cookie dough…cheese…any savory, salty or sweet food item actually. She said “Is there a shortage of those things, Jennifer? Will there never be chips or cookie dough on the earth again? If so, eat them until your heart is content, if not, let them go. They will be there later….take care of you now!”

    Food for thought. 🙂

  2. Jennifer you probably did see me, I’m always in or around Forest Park….and thanks for the “Food for Thought”

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