Okay, let’s get down to the business. You want to know how much weight I lost right?  This week I lost a whopping .2 pounds. That’s right two-tenths of a pound. And guess what?  I’m okay with that.  I tracked my points for everything I ate every day.  But I know exactly what happened.  I not only met my points target every day, I also ate all of my bonus extra points and all of my activity points.  Additionally, I was pretty heavy on the carbs.  I did not want to gain as recommend by my coach, but I did want to follow the protocol from experienced endurance event athletes.  I truly do not want to pass out before I finish the half marathon.  Weight watchers is just like any other program you have to tweak it for what works for your body type, and It turns out that my body type says, don’ t eat all of your activity points just because you’ve earned them.  It’s amazing that as a “professional” dieter, I’m still learning about what’s good for my body.   But here is the super exciting part.  My Big Little Sister joined Weight Watchers!  I was Christmas Morning excited at the meeting.  One sister that works out with me and one that will eat right with me!  Wow.  I feel blessed.  I stayed after the regular meeting for the “training session” (LOL) with my sister.  At the end of the meeting our leader Ricarda said you guys can encourage each other, and Me and my sister said almost simultaneously “no…more like now I have some competition!”  We are both so competitive by nature.  She told us about 2 sisters in her class that lost 60 and 65 pounds.  That we be so great if we could lose that much and do it together.  We even put some money on table each week.  The sister that lost the least amount of weight pays the real Biggest Loser 10 Bucks!  I’m excited.  Show me the Money Sister, show me the money!

  1. Hi Carli,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months now. I’m a member of Team In Training in Birmingham, AL and my race is April 30th in Nashville. You are true inspiration and I will continue to read your blog. Good Luck on your race!!! You’ll do great!!!

  2. T. Dukes, thank you! There is nothing like the support of seeing your fellow team members encouraging you along the way on race day, even if they don’t know you personally. Good Luck next week.

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