I went to the gym on Monday in accordance with my self imposed training schedule.  I finished day 2 of Week 2 of the Couch to 5K plan.  It was much easier than Saturday’s run.  Probably because it was indoors and my body was getting used to running again.  I didn’t write a post, because I couldn’t figure out a creative fun way to say I did Week 2 for the millionth time around the track at the gym.  I’m still doing good, sticking to my “Just Water” plan. I did however have a cup of hot tea with Splenda at my desk one day for a caffeine boost.  But, that’s because I had literally fallen asleep for a second while working on a mundane project.  I didn’t feel bad about drinking it, because I accounted for little allowances here and there.  Just as I figured, it’s much easier for me to give up stuff than try to do it in moderation.  It’s so funny to see the shock and horror when I tell people I’m drinking water only.  It’s a good thing I’m doing something right, because I am completely failing in the food department.  I have been doing some spiritual work though.  I’m working on asking for help and praying and believing more.  My daily prayer (should be hourly) is mostly adapted from the book “A Course in Weight Loss.”  Dear God, please feed my hunger, remove my false appetite and restore my right mind and body.

 I dressed “light” and got my sister’s $10 winnings before my weight watchers meeting tonight, knowing that I ate whatever and haven’t tracked a single food point all week.  Sometimes it’s so frustrating that I can achieve so many other life goals that I set for my self…College, done, Paralegal Certificate, done, Master’s Degree, done, Real Estate Certification, done, Homeowner/investor by age 25, done, Certified Group fitness instructor, done, Travel the world, done, Finish a Half Marathon, done, MAINTAIN A HEALTY WEIGHT????… I can’t find that “Done” in daylight with a flash light! LOL!
I tried to avoid Ricarda’s scale during weigh-in, I stood in the line for the weight watcher receptionist to weigh me.  I missed last weeks meeting and I knew I gained weight.  She called me out specifically to come over to her scale.  “Dang It!” I said to myself, she caught me.  “Come on over” she said, “I’m not the wicked witch.”  I laughed and told her that I’ve been doing great drinking only water but suffering in the food department.  She was very nice about my 1.6 pound gain, while encouraging me to still eat the things I enjoy, just less of them.  Which brought my grand weight loss total to a whopping 1 pound (insert sad clown music here.)  Huh, after 7 weeks I’ve lost 1 pound.  During the meeting she asked a great thought provoking question.  “Where does your power come from?”  Her answer was that you gain power by controlling your environment and the way you view things.  For example, I’m good at planning and making lists.  I need to incorporate that into my eating habits.  I think one of the reasons I’m successful at working out is because I have approached  it that way.  Working out/Training is always on my calendar just like a dentist appointment.  And now, my training schedule is on my fridge and my desk at work.  I have some ideas of how I can incorporate similar lists/schedules into my eating routine.  I’ve got to finish writing a report tonight so I can’t go into all the details now, but I’ll keep you guys posted.  Later!

  1. I don’t know if you want advice, but I make my menu up for the week, snacks and all. Then I make my shopping list, and stick to it. That way, I have what I am supposed to eat, and no impulse buys, etc. I plan for easy/quick recipes the days I know I’ll be short on time. If I don’t feel like cooking that, well, too bad, because that’s all I have.

  2. Really? you plan your snack too? Wow, I’ve never done that. I think I’ll make daily to do check lists amongst which will be meals… snacks didn’t cross my mind, but that’s a great idea! Thanks.

  3. I can totally relate. It took me 5 years to become a lifetime member, but it was worth it. Keep at it, you can do it!!

  4. If it helps…I’ve had my best successes at weight loss when I followed a pre-made meal plan. Not Weight Watchers, not counting calories, but literally having every bite laid out for me. It takes all the choices out, so I can’t make bad ones. It sounds horribly restricting at first, and it’s not a long-term maintenance plan, obviously, but it is what it takes for me to get the weight loss accomplished and become accustomed to eating smaller amounts. I lost the most weight ever on Jenny Craig, and I have never ever again been as heavy as I was when I started that. I’ve done well with Saving Dinner’s Menu Mailers as well, especially since they allow me to feed my family, too. Just sayin’. 🙂 There are ways to map out your food ahead of time while using Weight Watchers, too.

  5. Carli, I wanted to leave you a comment telling you how much I enjoyed your C25K podcasts. Your voice is so encouraging and I love the music you picked. I was doing this program to rehab a knee injury, and made it through Week 4. Unfortunately, due to a flareup I have to stop the program and try another strategy. I’m so sad to be missing the rest of the podcasts!

    Keep on fighting — I know you will figure out a way to meet all of your goals.

  6. Carli, I have a question for you – I’m beginning my 10k training (more formalized than me just trying to run farther) and the Bridge to 10k plan I have found online looks longer than the podcasts you have. Can you share where you got that 10k plan from? I like your podcasts and would love to use them but want to be sure they match the plan I’m looking at.

    hope all is well!

  7. Hey there-

    I’ve been in your shoes and it sucks. You just have to let it go and get back on the horse, so to speak. I will 2nd the pre-planning for just about everything really works. Boring but true. I bring all of my planned eats to work for lunch every day and even include a low calorie ‘treat’ (WW pretzel bar) for the afternoon.

    Also—you said you are good at making up lists. So on the weekends, why don’t you plan u pa weekly menu? And I make a list of things I always have on hand that make a quick meal and have them in my house all the time so I don’t get out of hand.

    Feel free to email me and I’ll forward you an email from my leader on what she keeps in her house and some good websites for food ideas. The crockpot is my best friend!

    PS—I love your workouts and your energy!

  8. Kelly, that’s amazing to me that it took you 5 years. That means you never gave up. I guess if it take me 10 years, that point would be that I finally made it. After reaching lifetime, what’s your best piece of advice? Teach us o’ wise one.

  9. Elyane, You are so right. I thought it might feel restricting to have every single morsel of food planned out, but it’s just the opposite. It makes me feel in control. I have my food plan on the wall in my bedroom and the fridge so that I see it first thing in the morning. I don’t care how silly it looks. It helps to realize the social events that I have planned, so that I can make a conscience effort to make healthy choices BEFORE I go. I love weight watchers because it promotes healthy eating, and I like the support of the meetings, but I think the numbers were making me crazy. I’m going to take break from the numbers (scale and points) and see what happens.

  10. Claudia, please take time to heal. I know it’s so frustrating when you want to work out and can’t. Best of luck, I hope your knee gets better, and one day you can run again.

  11. Hi Clara, I made up my own Bridge to 10 K podcast, it won’t mirror any that you find online. I saw several different plans online, and I sort of combined them and created my own.

  12. Hey Melissa, this should come through as a response to your comment on my website, as well as show us as an email in your inbox. You can just reply and it will come to me. I have a crockpot that I use maybe twice a year. That sounds like a good idea, so dinner is ready when you get home. Send that good info right on over.

  13. Oh my, wise one may not apply but…. the best piece of advise is to keep working out, make the best food decisions you can and don’t beat yourself up if you “mess up”.
    You’ll get there and it will be all worth it when you do. I still struggle even now that I’m lifetime but it is all worth it!!!

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