I took the first half hour of my lunch break to walk around downtown by the St. Louis Arch, since I knew I wouldn’t have time to work out this evening. It’s Marine Week. They had all sorts of fun stuff to look at. I browsed through all of the different exhibits and looked at the fighter jets, helicopters, huge guns and missiles. They even let you pick up the guns and shoot at the simulated targets.

There were sexy Marines everywhere. They were nice to look at, but I dated a Marine for a couple years, so I’m totally over that. After visiting the different stations, I took a quick walk up and down the stairs in front of the Arch to get my heart pumping a little more. Later that afternoon, they did an air show. The Marines jumped down out of the plane over the Mississippi River. Afterwards, about 10 of them climbed up the rope and flew threw the air on the dangling rope. Marines are fearless.

Oh, and remember Mr. No Call, No Show? Well, he showed up 3 weeks later, begging for forgiveness and wanted another date. And then….he canceled. Can we say ‘DONE!” As my Hollywood Aunt always says, people show you who they are the first time around, and its up to you to believe them.

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