All week I have been lazy.  Physically, I feel fine, I’m not sick or in pain.  Just being lazy.  Last night I stayed up very late talking on the phone with my new special friend.  Yes, I like that, I’ll call him a “special friend.”  We’ve had one date.  He met me downtown on my break and took me to lunch since he often works the night shift.  I decided to be myself and not a fake 1st date version of myself.  And guess what? We actually clicked.  He has a great sense of humor and was quite the gentleman.  So, I’ll keep you posted! …Anyway, since I didn’t get a lot of sleep, I felt like I got hit by a bus this morning when I got out of bed.  But, I figured part of the reason I was feeling so busted was because I haven’t worked out since the Sista Strut walk on Saturday.  Isn’t that terrible?  It’s like my body was begging to get moving again.  I made a promise to myself that no matter how tired I was when I got home, I was going to work out.  It was a gorgeous day, and I planned on going to walk in the park, but Fall is here already, and the sun starts to set shortly after I get off work.  So, I picked up my little sister and we headed to the gym.  We walked 2 miles around the track as she talked about the stress of Senior year in high school, and I gushed about my special friend.  Now that I’m home, I actually feel more energetic than I felt all day.  Sometimes, instead of fighting the gym, we should actually stand up and fight lazy.  Once you do, you’ll feel so much better. 

P.S. Rest in Peace Steve Jobs (Apple Genius)…my workout would not be the same without my iPod.

  1. If I didn’t already have 4 sisters, I would totally claim you as one! You sound just like my little sis with the “special friend” comment. Lol. But I do know about that lazy feeling and not working out. I always say it’s the getting there that is the hard part. Once I’m at the gym and moving, I feel great and always wonder why it took me so long to get there. Of course that old feeling seems to return at other times and I forget once again how good it felt to be there. It’s a vicious cycle I guess. But as my hubby would say, ‘Feeling lazy? That’s just you getting old…shake it off and put on your shoes!’. Lol. We use the ‘getting old’ bit on each other whenever one of us complains about something. We made a pact to be healthy and moving even when we are 80 so this little comment keeps us going.

  2. You are awesome and inspiring. I am a spin class and a boxing addict and have a personal trainer. on a bad week I hit the gym 3 times in a good week 5 times. So I am considered pretty fit. but your podcast INSPIRES me. On lazy days I know all I need is Carli…and you rescue me !!!! love you god bless you

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