New Research published in the online journal Obesity suggests that drinking green tea may help prevent weight gain.  EGCGis a compound found in most green teas.  In the test participants (overweight mice), both groups were fed high fat diets, but only one group also ate EGCG.  When the 2 groups were compared, the mice consuming the EGCG gained weight 45% (percent) more slowly, and absorbed less fat.  This sounds almost too good to be true.  45 percent is pretty significant if you ask me.  However, it should be noted that both groups still ate the same amount of high fat food, indicating that Green tea does not help suppress your appetite.   But, here is the tricky part, a human would have to drink 10 cups of green tea a day to get the equivalent amount of EGCG that the study mice were consuming.    Fortunately though, other studies have been conducted to indicate that two cups of green tea per day, may be enough to have a positive effect on weight management. I drink green tea occasionally, but I might just start adding it to my daily routine.  Do you drink green tea to help with weight loss?  Have you had positive results?

  1. I started drinking green tea years ago when I went to a chinese restaurant and all they has was green tea to drink. It was Jasmine flavoured and I’ve been hooked ever since. I have a coffee first thing in the morning but when I am at the office I only drink green tea. I prefer the flavoured ones, Jasmine, Lemon, etc.

  2. Reta, I first had green tea a few years ago too. But you know what, I’ve never had flavored green tea. I didn’t even know it exisited. Next time, I’ll look for a new variety to spice things up. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Try this site for my favourite green tea. Lots of variety’s and flavours.

  4. Wow. another pieces of information about green tea is here..

  5. Thanks for sharing this info, it is very valuable. I will def look into the flavored green tea as well. I had heard in the past that if you drink the green tea, while snacking on some nuts or almonds, that it would help suppress your appetite as well.

  6. I drink 32 oz of green tea each day. I did a food cleanse a few months back and this was part of it – its supposed to keep your metabolism moving – I just never stopped drinking that as my first of 4 bottles of water/day. I don’t add any sweetener. I love the kind that is flavored with a berry the best – and I even drink it hot every now and then.

    The brand I use is Salada, its naturally decaf and I purchase the “purple antioxidants” blueberry flavored.

    I make a big pitcher of it each weekend and it lasts me most of the week so I can start my day with it. I love it and absolutely think it is good for me – scientifically, I don’t really know or care how, but I like it. 🙂


  7. To answer your question – yes, green tea has helped me to shed pounds and keep them off. I drink 32oz per day and have lost about 10 pounds in 3 months. I notice an increase of energy, alertness, and suppression of appetite.

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