My first group training session with TNT for the Half Marathon is Saturday Nov. 12.  I decided to get a head start, so that I can keep up.  I want to do a light jog during the race, even though I’ll probably still train with the walkers team.  I saw the runners last year, I can’t keep up with them.  Maybe one day I will be able to keep up, but today ain’t that day! LOL. 

I dragged myself to the gym, since the temperature has dropped, and daylight savings time has reared it’s ugly head.  It’s totally dark outside by the time I leave work.  Anyway, since I’m not really accustomed to running or jogging anymore, I went back to basics.  I started with Week 1 of the Couch to 5K.  I haven’t heard that podcast in a while, and it was kind of exciting not to know which song was next.  For the first few runs, I thought, oh this is easy; I could’ve skipped a few training weeks.  But, for the last two interval runs, my body started fighting me.  Everything hurt, my knees, my ankles, my calves.  I can fairly easily walk a couple miles and hardly break a sweat.  But, I quickly remembered that running is nothing like walking.  In the end I finished all of the 60 second run intervals, no cheating.  Week 1,  Day 1, 1.67 Miles, done….For those of you who follow my blog regularly, you know that I was dating a guy I called my “Special Friend.”  Because of hurt from the past, I was scared to open up.  I faced my fears, and allowed myself to enjoy the experience, since he truly is a good man.  Soon after, he told me he felt that I was “too emotionally involved, too soon.”  And, I got hit with “we should be friends.”  But, here’s the weird part.  We still talk on the phone every day and text like actual “friends.”  I even inspired him to do a half marathon and he wants to train with me. Do I regret facing my relationship fears and opening myself up? Nope, not at all.  I think I would feel bad, if I never gave us a fair shot.  Do you think it’s possible to remain “just friends” with someone that you dated for a month? What are your thoughts?

  1. It is possible. I met a guy a few years ago and thought we hit it off although we didn’t live in the same city (Dallas vs Houston). He came to visit often, but never made the jump to actual boyfriend, girlfriend. We had the discussion as to why and I was bothered at first, even hurt. But we have remained VERY good friends til this day. We chat about his lady friends and he gives the much needed male perspective.

    It’s hard to see the positive at first, but it is possible. Just keep practicing being open about your feelings, wants and desires. The right one will come and along soon.

  2. I do think it is possible to be friends with someone you dated. I still exchange Christmas cards with a guy I dated for a month the summer after I graduated college (1999). He moved away, so it is a totally different situation. I am also friends with a guy I met on a dating website, who was on it not to find people to date (although that wasn’t clear at the time), but to be friends with. I know, weird. But, the things that made him seem interesting in the first place have always made him an interesting friend. And, there may have been a time or two, when I wasn’t intersted in dating a guy and said that maybe we could be friends, but never heard from them again. I guess sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Best wishes to both of you!

  3. First I just wanna say that I’m glad to see that even you start over on the podcasts too. I felt so stupid having to start it over for the 3rd time. And actually got kinda sad when it was tough for me. Because I was doing so well. Anyway… About the dating thing. I think if you have only dated a month then it is possible to remain just friends. However my man and I just recently split after almost 2 years and I can not be just his friend. I just can’t! Might be mean I don’t know. 🙂
    Also I say before u agree to jus friends always check your motives. Someone told me that a long time ago and I never understood what she meant until now. Check what u wish to gain
    And keep up the good work!!! 🙂

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