My half marathon training schedule indicated that I should complete one mile on Thanksgiving Day.  I really did not feel like it.  I’ve been working with major overtime at work, preparing for trial.  That’s why I’ve been kind of MIA on the blog scene (sorry!)  One night I was at work until midnight preparing trial exhibits.  Additionally, I have been preparing my apartments, because I have 2 new tenants moving in soon.  My raggedy old “investment” building will not sell, and it looks like I might have to keep it.  But, anyway, since I had already missed three days of training; “it’s a holiday” was not a good enough excuse not to train on Thursday.  I got my best work out buddy Nyah, and we started walking.  I realized that I needed an actual destination because the treadmill and the park trail just seemed too mundane.  I walked down the street to my Shopping Cousin’s house.  Her family was happy to see us.  I was a little worried about Nyah being in their house because my cousin is a neat freak and Nyah is always shedding her black hair.  She didn’t seem to mind, or at least she pretended not to.  She probably ran the swiffer sweeper across the hardwood floors as soon as we left.

Then me and Nyah were off to my parent’s house.  I took a different route and saw houses and side streets I didn’t really know existed.  I almost got lost which is totally ridiculous since my mom’s house is only a mile away from my house.  When I found my way, my mom and my little sister were just getting home from Thanksgiving church service.  I stayed and talked for a while, and then my mom brought me back home.  Later that afternoon, I packed up my homemade double layer pumpkin cheesecake and headed to the first family meal.  The food was delicious especially the beef brisket that my mother made.  Then it was time to go to dinner with my Dad’s family.  I was too full to eat again but I definitely packed a plate to go.

My Big little sister likes to shop as much as I do.  We have been researching Black Friday sales for about two weeks.  We had our lists and stores mapped out days in advance.  Wal-Mart is trying to cut back on the chaos of people rushing in the doors and nearly trampling each other at 4 AM, so they decided to start sales at 10 PM on Thanksgiving, after being open all day on the actual holiday.  Of course it was still chaos, but there was a little order, they have lines for each special item.  I saw small catfight over $1.98 Bath towels, while I got my 600 thread count sheets for $19.  I was however very disappointed that they only had 11 Xbox 360 with Kinect in the store.  My Nintendo Wii, died a while ago so it was time to upgrade.  Luckily, my Gym Cousin was at another Wal-Mart and was able to snag me one for the low price of $199 plus a $50 gift card.  We had so much fun it’s like a holiday for shopaholics.  I came home still excited (at 2AM) and set up my new X-box & Kinect.  I dogged balls and water rafted in my living room until 4 AM.  It’s 10 times better than the Wii, your body is the controller.  You can jump, squat, swing and push, and the camera picks up your every move.  Thank goodness Friday was an off day on the training schedule, because I was exhausted.


Today, Saturday, I was supposed to go to group training, but I stayed up all night playing Dance Central 2 on the Kinect again.  I was too tired to go, but I promised myself I would still get in my mileage.  Even though the weather called for a 50 percent chance of rain I got dressed and Nyah and I went to forest Park.  I was only able to get in two miles before the down pour, but I was okay with that since I danced in front of the TV for hours for two nights in a row.  Do you have a Kinect?  What games do you play?

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