I had a wild week. I don’t really know an easy way to say it. So, I’ll just say it, one of my tenants was killed, yes killed. Remember the guy that said someone was stealing his loose change while he was a work? It was him!  He was shot while leaving a night club, and his family fought over his belongings in the apartment. Somehow, I got caught in the middle, the police were called and it was just DRAMA! Things have settled down for the most part. But, when I woke up Saturday, I was determined to have a sensational Saturday. My favorite blogger Roni always has sensational Sundays, where she does all the laundry and eats healthy, and gets a lot accomplished. I don’t have a husband or kids to feed, so I figure the least I could do was have a productive day. When the internal clock in my mind woke me up at 8 in the morning on Saturday, I actually got up out of bed instead of just rolling over. I made a to-do list, and got to work. I ate a healthy breakfast. I had an omelet with one egg, egg whites, turkey sausage and spinach.

I did 4 loads of laundry (don’t judge me for having that much dirty laundry!) Friday, I bought fresh cabbage at the farmers market, because they were 2 for 95 cents. I was so excited about the great deal. But, once I got home, I thought, what in the heck am I going to do with 2 cabbages? Saturday afternoon, I steamed one cabbage and baby spinach with sliced turkey polish sausage for lunch.

Then, me and Nyah went to Forest park to get in some activity. It was such a nice day, everyone was out with their pets.  Nyah loves people, but not dogs. I knew not too many dogs would be on the stairs at the pavilion. So, we walked up the stairs and jogged down. We went up and down and around the fountain for about 40 minutes or so. There were families on picnics and couples doing yoga in the grass. It was so cute, a picture perfect day!

After coming home and getting showered I went to see Eddie Murphy’s new movie, A Thousand Words with my Big Little Sister. It was fun, just what it was supposed to be, simple and entertaining. I learned that when you get up at 8 in the morning, there’s a lot of time to get stuff done.

  1. sounds like too much of a weekend…. laundry, cabbage and walking would have been enough. so sad for anyone to pass like that. One of my best friend’s sons was murdered 6 months ago today… so horrible to lose people to senseless violence

  2. the pictures are beautiful! didn’t lose anything this week on WW online but am gonna be super good this week… I’ll let you know next Monday… have a great week! mama h

  3. Hey Mama Helen! It was quite a weekend, On Sunday I did Nada. lol. This senseless violence is terrible. I saw him a few days before the incident, he was 29. I’m praying for all the families….This week was a little rough (Obviously) but, I didn’t do too bad. I gained .2, not even half of a pound. I can handle that. Can’t wait to hear about your “super good” week 🙂

  4. Hi, Your breakfast looks good. Can you post or email me the recipe?

  5. Hi Linda, I didn’t even really think of it as a recipe. I just threw some stuff together….Well here it goes.
    Ingredients: Turkey Sausage, 1 Whole Egg, Egg Whites, Cheddar Cheese, Spinach and Olive oil.

    Directions: I used pre cooked turkey sausage patties that I unthawed in the microwave. I put olive oil in the skillet to meet my healthy oil requirement for the day. I sautéed the fresh spinach in the olive oil. Then I tossed in and chopped up the sausage in the skillet since the microwave doesn’t brown them. I sat the sausage and spinach to the side. I rinsed the skillet and mixed in a bowl one whole egg and about a half cup? of egg whites. I poured eggs into the skillet and added 1 slice of cheese and the turkey and spinach on top of the egg mixture. Then, I folded the egg over to make an omelet.

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