This is the last week of the Rise and Shine Challenge.  Here is the Week 4 Worksheet.   I hope that during the course of the last few weeks, you have made some positive changes to your morning routine.  I most certainly have, and I’m enjoying it.  Now, every morning I look in the mirror and make positive confessions over my life.   Once I’m in the car on the way to work I listen to inspirational music or encouraging words from a podcast or audiobook.  Then, when I get to work I eat a healthy breakfast of whole grains and fruit or drink a protein smoothie.  It really helps set the tone for the day when you start off of the right foot. When I first started making these changes I had to mark off the worksheet every day as a reminder.  But, my new morning routine truly feels like a habit now.  If I get in the car and forget, something clicks in my head, like “Hey you’re forgetting something!”  Even on the weekend, when I finally roll out of the bed, I still have that feeling that’s it’s time to dedicate a portion of my morning to my new routine.  I have not incorporated activity yet, but I still feel good, because now I know that its possible to change things up,  even if you’ve done them the same way for years. I’m so happy that I took on this challenge to change my mornings!

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