Today was rough. The morning started with my Great Aunt’s funeral. (She was my Dad’s aunt, and my “Shopping Cousin’s” mother.) I hate funerals, I mean, I know that nobody likes them, but I avoid them at all costs. It’s hard seeing everybody you love hurting. But, it was a nice service, and my family was there to support each other. After everything was over, I had a massive headache, partially due to my braces. I took a nap.  After I woke up, my headache was less menacing. So, I talked myself into going to the gym. I kept telling myself it doesn’t matter if I “feel” like it. There are mornings that I don’t feel like going to work, but I go anyway. I recently re-read my post about the day I lost my job, and still went to the gym.

I used that as motivation, and I got dressed and headed to my new gym. I put on lip gloss and earrings too. Sometimes when you look better, you feel better. This was my 3rd day of Week 1. I was able to do 6 of the 8 minute-long interval runs. I kept coaching myself saying, “I can do anything for 60 seconds!” It was good to see progress, especially since I’m running at about 5MPH on the treadmill. People always email me and ask if it’s okay to repeat days or weeks of the program. Of course! I will have to repeat Week 1 until I can complete all 8 runs. Hopefully after adding an extra day of training, I’ll be able to move on to Week 2. Have a great weekend! Do something active.

  1. Hey Carli, way to stay dedicated!! Great job! Consistency is my biggest challenge. I go in spurts, then stop, then start again! Keep going lady, you can do this!!!

  2. Carli,
    If there is one thing I’ve learned from 30 years of WeightWatchers, being married to a man who never missed a day of running for over 18 years, and successfully following the fabulous Carli Fierce 5K training program, it’s this: There are 3 key elements to being successful in health and weight management:
    1. Deciding to do it for yourself and for your own wellbeing
    2. Getting out the door (for exercise) and tracking (for WW)
    3. Taking it a day at a time.
    Of yeah, I guess there are 4….
    4. Repeat #2 and #3. Congratulations – you are on your way!

  3. That’s great advice, Kathleen! Thanks for sharing so others will benefit too!

  4. Kathleen- great advice! thanks

  5. Hi Miss Carli! I love your blog… I restarted at week 3 last weekend (I’ve been doing spinning classes a few times a week waiting for my heel to heal to run ) (haha..I love when words do funny things..anyway)… did week 4 today and it felt good…. once again, hearing your reassuring voice in my ear…listening to the great music and laughing inside that the runners going by have no idea what I’m running to! I love that song “you make me want to lala “…. gotta go look it up on your list. okay…have a great weekend… Condolences on the loss of your great aunt… take care

  6. Hey Carli – Maybe this will be motivating…I used your podcasts to get me through the C25K the second time. I completed it, but wasn’t completing my miles so I wanted to increase my pace and your podcasts were just what I needed. About 5 months ago, I started training for a 1/2 marathon (peer pressure lol) and I’ll be running that this weekend. I’m following Hal Higdon’s training plan, but I’m using the walk/run method. So I STILL pull out your podcasts and there are times I may double up a run/walk period or whatever, but I typically training using intervals from the C25K program OR I’ll push myself harder and run a 10:2 ratio. At any rate, you’re still motivating me. I’m still listening to your upbeat and positive advice and I’m sharing it like crazy. Keep up the good work. You WILL do this!

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