I’ve got exciting news! First, I’m so super excited that Me and my Big Little Sister are going to Houston, Texas next month for vacation. We have friends and family there, and I’m going to go to Lakewood Church. Do you know what Lakewood church is? It’s the biggest church in the whole country. And, do you know who the pastor is? JOEL OSTEEN! If you read my blog then you know I’m like a Joel Osteen groupie. Okay, maybe “groupie” is bad choice of words, I don’t want to go back stage and….ummm well…let me stop while I’m still ahead lol…. Let’s just say I’m a super fan, yeah that sounds better. On so many occasions Pastor Joel has brought me out of funk and inspired me to be a better person. Even recently, it was his sermon that helped get me through my first week of Weight Watchers. I constantly tell myself all day long, “I weigh what I should weigh, I’m Healthy, I’m Active, I’m Disciplined, I’m Focused and I have what it takes.” My sister thinks I’ll faint before the sermon as soon as I see him and,  I probably will.
And in other exciting news I got braces today! Yes I’m a 30-year-old with braces. I had them in college and swore after 2 years of torture that I would always wear my retainer. Well, like most people, I didn’t wear it, and my teeth spread back out. I couldn’t stand to look at them all spaced out anymore. Although over the years, I’ve gotten really good at hiding my teeth when I talk and even better at taking pictures. See Exhibit A, Me and Big Little Sister on Christmas.

I found this cute little cosmetic dentist’s office. The dental assistants cater to you like Hooter’s girls and walk around in high heels with their scrubs. They have flat screen TV’s at every station and fresh-baked cookies on your way out the door. The dentist is young and kinda hot too…I had to ask myself am I really checking him out? Lol I’m sure I’m paying for all of this extra stuff, but they treat you so good! It’s nothing like the kid’s baseball themed orthodontist office I went to years ago. And, get this, the dentist is part of the 6 month smile program. My braces are clear, and they will be off in 3 or 4 months, not years. When I’m all done he’s installing permanent retainers so I don’t ever have to worry about them spacing out again. I’m so excited! Now for the “Before” pic, See Exhibit B, the scary real deal. (I can’t believe I’m posting this.)

Anyway, if you’re wondering about the food and activity side of things, me and my Little Sister danced and sweated with the Kinect last night and I’m down a total of 7.6 pounds just in case you didn’t see my post on my Facebook Page. Man, it feels good to be in control.

  1. I’m so happy for you, control is very good. My control is alittle on the down side. Although I did have a grilled chicken sandwich and a sugar-free vanilla iced coffee for supper tonight. At work they tell me I have so much will power. We had a birthday party today and I only ate a square inch of cake, just to make the birthday boy happy. As soon as I leave work somehow my will power dont leave with me. I was really sick last week to the piont I couldnt keep any food down for 3 days, and I gained 0.8 lbs. Feeling better now, played outside with Gracie(my 4 year old pit/lab mix) for an hour. I dont know who was more worn out. lol Ok enough rambling. I’m so happy for you, and hope your vacation is great. keep up the great work, we all love ya!

  2. WHAT!!!! You are going to my home and I’m not there to welcome you! Oh man, I can’t believe this. So so sad…

    If you need/want suggestions on where to go, what to do, what to see, just let me know.

    Ok, now to finish reading the rest your update!

  3. Hey Tam, I don’t mind the rambling, i like it!. It sounds like Gracie is a big girl. That’s a fun way to sneak in some extra activity. Congrats on not giving in to the cake at work. Instead of saying your will power doesn’t leave with you, start saying it does. Just like you had a healthy dinner, just say, I have the same will power at home that I have at work during the day. Love ya back! 🙂

  4. Hey Tex! I know right?! I actually thought about you, and said aww man she’s in Cali now. But as much as I love Cali, I’m sure I’ll make it out there.

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