No BrowniesMan it feels SO good to write a blog post titled Weight Loss Success! I’m only a couple of pounds shy of my January goal, but who cares?! I’ve lost 10 pounds since the beginning of the year, and I’m freaking excited. I’ve been hitting the gym a little harder and hitting the carbs lot less. Some days have been so challenging. Take yesterday for example. The paralegal intern brought her special brownies into work. For eight hours, I had to walk past the kitchen and see them and all their powdered sugar-coated deliciousness. I love brownies, and I’m sure unlimited free brownies taste even better. “You should try one, they’re SOOO good”, one co-worker said. “Did you get one yet, this is my second one” another paralegal said. “I saw them and couldn’t resist” the attorney told me. “No, I haven’t had one” I said shamefacedly. Then that afternoon the intern came to me directly, looking hurt that I hadn’t tried one her special homemade brownies. “I’m watching my sugar, sorry” I told her. I felt kind of bad.

But, I’ve been reading and studying food addicts like me who lost tons of weight and kept it off. I like to follow people like Roni, The Anti-Jared on Facebook and Erica from BGGWL. One thing I noticed is that they are unapologetic for their choices that work for them. If it’s eating the same routine boring food, eating clean, tracking every bite, or no fast food, whatever, they do not apologize for what works for them personally. If I’m going to stick to this, I have to become confident and unapologetic about making healthy choices that work for me. None of those brownie pushers had more than 100 pounds to lose, but I do. And if that means I have to be the weird chick who said “no thanks,” so be it! Although my week had ups and downs (like the retirement party and Steak and Shake one day), ultimately my good choices won on the scale this morning. I lost .4, which brought my four-week total to 10 pounds. Yay Me!

  1. It’s the same for people who don’t eat gluten. We make all sorts of accommodations for people with food allergies. My boss has an butter intolerance. WTH? (yeah, that’s what I said). So, you have the same right as anyone else to decline for your own reasons. It’s us pushers who are then apologetic (yes, I’m guilty of bringing in crap and then finding out someone is watching their weight or can’t eat nuts).

    Moving forward, I will say it loudly with you…I won’t (can’t is no longer apart of my vocab) eat that because I am on a mission!

    Big hugs on those 10lbs kissed good-bye!

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss Carli!! You have always been an inspiration to me. I followed your couch to 5k program a couple of years ago and went thru the whole program and lost 40 pounds! Unfortunately 20 of it is back! So here I go again, listening to your podcasts every other day as I attempt to run again. This time it is a little harder, I am living in Alaska now and running in snow wearing ice cleats on my shoes is pretty tough but I have you pushing me! So proud of you!!

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  3. Congratulations! Politely declining amazing, homemade brownies is a pretty big deal. And way to go with the 10 pounds :).

  4. “Live like no one else, so you can live like no one else.” – Dave Ramsey. Doesn’t just apply to finances. Dare to continue to be different! You’re doing awesome!

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