Just in case you don’t know, “NSV” is short for a Non Scale Victory. During the weight-loss journey you have to learn to celebrate the non scale victories as much as you celebrate losing weight on the scale.

NSV #1 I Avoided Free Fresh Baked Cookies


This morning, I had a 7 AM dentist appointment for a regular teeth cleaning. After having braces, a regular cleaning is a breeze, so I had zero anxiety about sitting down in the dental chair. However, I did forget that they give away free cookies. The entire time I sat there for an hour and a half I had to smell the fresh baked cookies scent wafting through the office. I was mentally rehearsed saying “No.” I thought I had gotten out the door when the dental hygienist handed me two fresh-baked cookies. “No thanks” I said, “I’m trying to stay away.” She just kind of shrugged and didn’t make a big deal out of it and the receptionist said she needed to stay away from them too. The other lady asked me, “Are you sure I can’t talk you into one?” Darn cookie pushers, “No thanks,” I said politely and quickly left for work.


NSV#2 I Didn’t Clean My Plate

My breakfast mango smoothie did not hold me over, so I ate the chicken salad on a wheat sandwich thin that I had initially brought for lunch. That meant lunch was left unplanned, and I had chimichangas at the Mexican restaurant down the street. Definitely not the best choice but I did stop eating when I got full. I’m getting better at that. I’m constantly reminding myself, the plate does Not have to be clean!


NSV#3 I Wasn’t Ruled By My Emotions

I was so excited about overcoming my cookie temptation, that I posted my success on my Facebook fan page. One lady had the audacity to say “so what, you passed up a cookie, do you want a medal? get over yourself.” I was furious mad. I had so many comments that I wanted to write. I wanted to get ugly. I wanted to give her some education and let her know how nearly half of America is overweight and how my podcasts and my stories have helped people get fit and lose weight across the world. I wanted to give her a big dose of reality and say I’m sorry that you hate yourself so much you feel the need to beat up on other people who are doing good things. But, thankfully, I just deleted her comment banned her from my page and made a comment that I will not tolerate negativity on my fan page. Yes, I know it’s messy for me to still say all of that in this blog post but hey, I’m human. LOL


NSV # 4 I Finished 2.43 Miles

I ate a pretty decent dinner, the rest of the chicken salad and I sautéed some fresh Spinach in olive oil. Then I went to the gym. My Gym Cousin Was super late, I had walked for more than a mile before he even showed up. But, I couldn’t get mad at him because he waited for me when I was getting my phone fixed the other day. We couldn’t get treadmills right next to each other, but I was coaching him across the guy between us. “You better not quit, we’re at the gym and it’s snowing outside! We’re here now, we might as well finish” That guy thanked me when he got off the treadmill, and said that I kept him motivated too. Me and my cousin were both exhausted, but we finished Week 3 Day 2. I didn’t run as fast as I wanted to, but at the end of the day I had to sit back and give myself a pat on the back for all of the non scale victories I had today.

2.43 Miles on the Treadmill

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