Keeping a Promise to My Personal Trainer

When I last met with my personal trainer he pulled out a blank calendar and asked me to pick 2 days to work before our next session. I told him it will be difficult because I had to go to Mississippi for my Family Reunion, which would entail two 7 hour road trips in the car. He filled in the dates for the upcoming week and stared at me blankly.  I said “Geez, I really don’t know how I can squeeze in two gym sessions before Tuesday.” He held the pen in his hand and continued to stare, waiting for my two dates. Begrudgingly, I said “Okkkkkay, Saturday…and I guess Monday when I get back in town.” He smiled and filled in the two dates and wrote out a cardio plan and a strength plan.

Family Reunion

Once in Mississippi, we realized that Saturday wouldn’t work, so my Little Sister and I hit the hotel gym (tired) late Friday night. I was still sore from my session with Dan the trainer.  But we still got in a great workout, I posted about it on my Facebook Fan Page.


We had a great time seeing all the 120+ family members. We survived seven hours with each other in the car (barely) and on Monday as promised I made it to the gym. I called up my Gym Cousin for back up, and of course he was willing to meet me there. I started with the elliptical while my cousin did some weight training. We did the floor core exercises together. I talked to him about how my pastor was doing a new series about Chasing and Fighting Your Giants.  It struck a chord with me because I never really see my struggle with weight loss as putting up a true fight.  I often see it as a challenge, and something that I work on, but I don’t know that I ever seriously consider it as a “fight for my life” which actually, it is.

The other week when I saw that episode of Extreme Weight Loss the girl’s trainer kept reminding her that it was “a fight.” She was not only fighting for herself and her health but also fighting to be an inspiration for the overweight members of her family. I’m starting to embrace the concept of a “fight” because it’s something that I will have to continue to fight for throughout my life.


After we finished talking, I got on the treadmill. I alternated speeds going faster then slower every three minutes For a total of 25 minutes. I had talked so much with my cousin I had to hurry over to my parent’s house to watch Under the Dome.  That’s my show! I watch it with my family every week, we love crazy stuff like that!  Anyway, tomorrow, I will be able to hold my head up high when he asks “Did you workout those two days?” I will be able to say “YES!”



  1. Accountability is AWESOME!!!! Although our struggles may be a fight, it is a battle we can and will win.

  2. Really good that you keep your promise. At the end of the day it’s beneficial for you only. Exercise is not necessary to lose weight or to get flat abs, it is necessary for a healthy life. And with exercise a balance diet is required to keep your body healthy.

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