I’m Breaking Bad

Sorry I haven’t posted in little while.  Two reasons.  1) Last week we had a trial at work, I had to work over-time and I was mentally and physically drained for days.  2) I’ve been completely obsessed with the TV show Breaking Bad. I just sat on the couch and watched episode after episode on Netflix.   I thought my family was going to have to come over and stage an intervention.  A typical day was like work, workout, eat (healthy and on plan), watch Breaking Bad all night, repeat.   I’ll share my updated food plan with you. The scale is moving in the right direction boys and girls!

Well, it was Monday, I was dead tired, but I had an appointment with my trainer. I’m sleepy from staying up too late watching TV was not a good enough excuse not to show up.  I was hoping he didn’t ask if I worked out between our sessions.  My homework was to do a “long walk.”  I planned on doing it Sunday after church, but then it started raining, so it was just easier to watch Breaking Bad.  Dan was wrapping up with his previous client, so I started warming up on the elliptical. After about 5 minutes he was ready, and the first thing he said was, hey have you worked out since the last time I saw you?  “Ummm, nope, sorry…”  “Aghhhhh….WHY not?!” He asked confused.  I said “You want the truth?” He said, “Yes.”  I said well, I’m not discouraged or anything like that, I’ve just been totally addicted to Breaking Bad.  He said he loved the show too and told me to at least do the elliptical at home while I watch.  Then he confessed that it was his birthday week and that he hadn’t worked out either.  Aha! I caught the trainer slipping too.  He normally works out 6 days a week.

I decided that no matter how tired I was, I was going to give him the best I had.  “You asked for me to lose 8 pounds this month Dan, and I’m going to make sure you get that.” We did lots of core strengthening exercises on the floor mats.   Then he instructed me to do a sideways plank.  I thought “here we go with this difficult crap, I can’t lift my body up in the air on one arm.” 

But, in the spirit of cooperation, I tried anyway.  And whadya know, I did it! And I held it for 30 seconds.  “You’re getting stronger he said.”  Which, to him meant I should be able to do it 2 more times.  It was hard, but I did. Then I did a series of squats with kettle bells and then step ups with a 30 pound bar across my back.  Then there were push-ups and mountain climbers and more steps. Finally kick boxing.  He was nice enough to “give me a break” and save the last few minutes to discuss diet.  He asked how I felt overall, and I told him that I was feeling great.  I’m thrilled to be active and eating right and confidently in control of both.  Just in case you missed my other posts, he started by having me eat a big protein filled breakfast.  Then we moved on to adding more lean meats and veggies for dinner.  Then we moved on to 2 “Cheats days” while the rest are “Winning” days.  On my Cheat days, (I picked Wednesdays and Saturdays) I can eat ANYthing.  Please believe, I eat pizza, ice cream, donuts, you name it. But honestly, some of it doesn’t taste as good as it used to, and some of it upsets my stomach. Eventually, I’ll move down to just one cheat day each week. On the Winning days (they’re called winning days because I’m losing weight on those days) I pretty much stick to a South Beach/Weight Watchers Simply Filling Diet Plan.  Lean meats, whole grains, fruits, veggies, low cal dairy, nuts.  No tracking thank GOD! Yes, I can have bread, if it’s the low-calorie kind or 100% whole wheat.  Preferably only drink water, but he said I can also have zero calorie drinks.  But today, he asked that on Winning days, I don’t have sugar or carbs after 7PM.  So, say for example, normally, having a strawberry greek yogurt smoothie at 8 PM would be okay, but strawberries have sugar, although natural, it’s still sugar, so I can have it on Winning days, but before 7PM.  Well that’s about all folks! Later!

  1. Why no sugar or carbs after 7pm? What is to be gained by this? I am learning and trying to practice cleaner eating so I’m curious as to the benefits of this. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Katie! Sorry for the delayed reply. I didn’t know the exact answer, so I waited to ask him last night. I just took his advice and didn’t even question it, since everything else he told me was working so well. But, he said if you eat it earlier in the day, you’re more active and have more time to burn off the addtional calories that typically come with carbs and sugar. Hope that helps.

  2. you are awesome, right beside me…the inspiration I need the lift I need. I run because of you. kisses from far away HongKong

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