I’m 2nd from the Left

I was in the spotlight a little bit this week. Last weekend I went out with one of my childhood friends for her birthday. We dare not tell people that we’ve been friends since birth a.k.a. for 32 years! She’s friends with a photographer he snapped our picture and it ended up in the local newspaper. I forgot about it until my Gym Cousin called and asked “What are you doing in the paper?!” I thought it was a great picture. And not to be too braggadocios but I think I did look 28 pounds slimmer LOL.

When I met with Dan my trainer he said that he used me as a success story during his staff meeting. I was thrilled! He said most clients gain weight initially and take a month or so before they catch on. I told him that I’m doing a LOT of work behind the scenes. I don’t think he really knows just how much internal work I’m really doing. I’m usually too busy trying to catch my breath to get into really deep conversations with him. He has been a tremendous help, and I don’t think I’d be nearly as successful with his realistic manageable no counting food plan. But like he said himself, it’s not the 2 hours a week that I spend with him that get results, but everything he asks that I do between that time. My daily morning affirmations have been life changing. Every day I say “God loves me and I accept myself unconditionally as I am right now.” Talking out and understanding my food issues through counseling has helped. And asking God to help me  do hard stuff like walk to the farmer’s market for celery and carrot sticks when the rest of the office is eating nachos, brownies and pretzels to celebrate the St. Louis Cardinals baseball victory has helped. I was still able to participate in the fun and celebration. I just dipped celery and carrots in the various cheese dips instead of dipping soft pretzels, nacho chips and hotdogs. My co-workers not only noticed that my eating habits have changed, but one co-worker said, “I see you getting skinny!” It looks like new success to some people, but for those of you who have followed my blog for a while, know that finally all of the little battles and non-scale victories are just finally showing up on the outside.

My Little Sister was home from college in this weekend for my Mom’s birthday party. We had a blast spending the weekend together. Saturday was my Cheat Day, so I tried Burger King’s new diet french fries called Satisfries  since they were giving them out for free. They were okay, they tasted really potatoey. My Big Little Sister who lives way down in Florida tried them too.  She asked the lady at BK what’s the difference, and she told her “The Satisfries are cooked in the exact same grease as the regular fries, but they’re made with real potatoes.” Yikes! Hmmmm makes you wonder what the regular fries are made of??? I Googled it, they claim the Satisfry batter is less absorbent, which is why they’re fewer calories and fat. Yuck, it just makes you not want fries all around. Unfortunately, Free food still excites me, I guess I haven’t worked through that issue yet.   Anyway, I digress.   In addition to eating free diet fries, we went to the gym.  Dan gave me 2 workout plans that he “needed” me to do since I have measurements coming up soon again.  My sister wasn’t interested in doing the weight lifting workout plan, because that’s what “all the athletes and strong boys do at the school gym on campus.”


No Make up at the Gym lol


The Plan from Dan

I was scared of bulking up like a man and uninterested in lifting weights for years until Dan introduced me just recently, so I didn’t push the concept with her. (Not yet anyway.) So, we did the other plan. Ten minutes on the elliptical, followed by core exercises. We had to alternate Planks and The Superman, holding each for 30 seconds. We did this four times. Then we had to run a mile as fast as we could. I’ll confess, I didn’t run. I just did a brisk walk with a few jogging spurts. It was a pretty easy workout. I’m sure I’ll have to hear it from him about not doing the weight lifting plan, but in my defense I was still a little sore from our last session.

That night was my Mom’s “Jeans and Bling” themed birthday party. Ironically enough, Me and my sister had the exact same “perfect blinged out shirt” and both of us were too stubborn to change once we discovered it. I bought the shirt for her months ago as a gift, thinking she lives in another city now, we’ll never wear it at the same time. Oh well! Party On, Happy Birthday Mama!



I like your shirt Sis, oh wait! It’s the same as MINE!


Just Posing! Loving my new Short Hair


Me, Mama, LiL Sis who’s taller than both of us

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