Have you worked out since Monday?” That’s what Dan asked me Thursday night when I got to the gym. I told him that I had not done the workout plan he wrote out for me because I was “just too sore.” He was a little disappointed, but I really think he was trying to make me make up for that missed session tonight. I tried to clean it up a little, and I told him that I had been “eating like a Champ… in a good way!”

My future body doing Mountain Climbers

He had me get down on the floor and do mountain climbers as a warm-up for a few minutes. Then he got the stair stepper and put it up on three risers.  He also pulled out a kettle bell and a floor mat. He instructed me to climb up and down the step 21 times, swing the kettle bell while doing squats 21 times, do 21 Mountain climbers and 21 push-ups.  I started to struggle when I got down to the last five push-ups. I couldn’t imagine how I could possibly do two more rounds of this insanity. I finished the push-ups and he gave me a minute or so to catch my breath. He told me the 15 and 9 would be easy. It was easier than doing 21, but still incredibly difficult.  “You shouldn’t have missed that work out” he said casually with a sly grin.  I knew this was payback for skipping a workout! I didn’t complain, I kept pushing through the 15 reps, because you really don’t have a choice when someone is standing there watching and waiting on your next move.

After another quick break, I did 9 step ups, 9 kettle bell squat swings, 9 mountain climbers and 9 push-ups. I finally got a much longer break and we discussed my eating habits for the past few days. I told him about the yummy veggie quiche I made for breakfast and the fabulous chili and southwest salad with chicken, fresh avocado and salsa that I made for lunch.  He always tells me I need a snack between breakfast and lunch, even if it’s just a piece of fruit, raw veggies or nuts.  After giving me a few food tips, he wanted me to climb the stairs, but my left knee was really bothering me. Sometimes it flares up in cold weather and it was cold and snowing today.  So I had to run for two minutes on the treadmill at a level six incline followed by 10 sit ups. I had to do the run and sit up circuit three times, before the torture was finally over. He told me I did a great job and reminded me if I do the workouts he prescribes, I’ll be less sore.  He also reminded me that next week we will be taking measurements, determining how many inches and pounds I’ve lost.  I had a great week and my home scale showed that I lost 4 pounds, which is great since my binging weekend had set me back a few pounds. I’m anxious to see how things will play out on Measurements Monday!

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