RISBannerCouchTo5KGreetings Fiercelings! Welcome New Runners. I’m Carli Fierce and I call my online family “Fiercelings.”  I’ve been blogging since 2009, journaling my struggles and successes with food and fitness. I write these blog posts to share my story and hopefully inspire you on your journey to healthy living. I was inspired by other bloggers create my Couch to 5 K training podcasts. It’s a free download with music and my voice prompts to help you learn to run 3 miles (5K) in 9 short weeks. There are two versions to pick from, one is Pop and one is Rock.  Through the years I’ve finished many 5Ks and my biggest accomplishment was finishing a half marathon.  Once you finish my training program and run a 5K, send me your pic and I’ll add you to my Wall of Fame with all the other runners.


I’m kicking off my year with the Daniel Fast at my church. 21 days of fasting as Daniel did in the bible. For those who may not know, the purpose of a fast is to deny yourself physically in order to rely on God and grow spiritually. For the next 3 weeks I will not eat any sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, meat, dairy, deep fried food or drink alcohol.

You might be asking, well geez Carli what can you have? I will drink water, eat nuts, rice, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. It’s essentially a strict vegan diet. I’ve been mentally preparing for it for a month. I’ve never eaten this clean for a fast or diet. In addition to the spiritual benefits I hope to gain, I think it will be a great cleanse and a boost for weight loss.

daniel fast

As far as fitness is concerned, I’m still working out with my personal trainer Dan twice a week. I need to ramp that up a little and add in  a couple days by myself.  I might just do the Couch to 5K…again!

So tell me, what are your food and fitness plans for 2015?

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