So many times we spend all of our energy on the bad or unhealthy choices that we’ve made. It helps to shift the focus and count the good healthy choices we’ve made. Since I’m a type A perfectionist, it’s easy for me to list off all the “bad” things I’ve done. Like for example: I haven’t worked out since Saturday, I’m still fat blah blah. So to help counter those negative thoughts, I actually have a running list in my phone of the healthy good choices I’ve made regarding food, healthy and body image.

It looks something like this:

  • Sticking to the Daniel Fast (No meat, No dairy, No alcohol, No Sugar or sweeteners)
  • Trying New recipes
  • Praying when I need help with healthy choices
  •  Not bingeing at a stressful time
  • Saying no to free food when I was full (This was MAJOR for me)
  • Buying a new dance game for my Xbox Kinect
  • Actually using the dance game for an hour on Monday night.
  • Realizing that I have worked out since Saturday, duh, the dance games counts!

What positive things are on your Healthy List?

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