As I confessed yesterday on my Facebook Page (@CarliFierce) I didn’t do any grocery shopping or meal planning last week.  I just ate whatever.  I knew it was time to get back on track, so I went to the store and loaded up on healthy foods to prepare for the week.  I made Taco Soup for dinner which actually turned out more like Mexican Chili. I packed leftovers to take to work for lunch.

This morning, I got up at 5:20 so that I could be at Hot Yoga class at 6 A.M.  I’m still not a morning person.  It was so difficult just getting out the door.  Nyah, my 65 pound dog, took every step in tandem with me, because that’s a fun game to play before sunrise.  Fortunately, I laid out all of my workout clothes last night, but I could not find my shoes.  Then I could not find my coat! I was so frustrated, I live in a small apartment, like how can I not find my friggin’ coat in the middle of winter?? I put on my hoodie instead, grabbed my mat, towel and water and discovered I left my coat in the back seat of my car.  At least the closet elves hadn’t taken it. You know, the ones that steal socks and shrink your favorite pair of jeans.

I was relieved that I made it to the yoga studio on time, 5 minutes early even, but I wasn’t able to make my morning move if you know what I mean, so my stomach felt funny. I think the practice room was hotter than it should have been because my entire face was dripping sweat in about 60 seconds.  Then I started to smell onions, is that smell coming from me? Is that from eating the chili? Yoga is so mental, I could only do about 75% of the poses could normally do.  As I wobbled through Tree Pose, I was so annoyed with myself.  And then I realized even if I just stand here and sweat for 60 minutes not successfully modeling any poses, I’m doing more good for my body than if had I’d been lying in bed.  And for some poses, I did just that, just stand there and sweat onions.  It was that kind of morning. When I left class, there were little light snow flurries, I was grateful there was no ice.  It took a few minutes in  for my attitude to adjust, as the post workout feel good vibes finally kicked in.  When I got home, I made a delicious green vanilla protein smoothie.  The only place to go was up. I was happy that I kicked off my Monday the right way, leading the path to a healthy week.

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