Sometimes it’s just hard to go to the gym! Today was hard for me.  I thought of so many excuses why I shouldn’t go to Zumba class.  I remember one time I called the gym and explained that I was a weekly Zumba regular and couldn’t make it because I was stuck in traffic. They were nice enough to cancel without the fee. So today I thought I might call and tell them I’m stuck in traffic again and they might waive the fee.  Then I realized not only was that a blatant lie, but such a ridiculous thing to do.

Then I said well, “I’ll just not show up and pay the stupid $20 no show fee.” But that’s dumb too, I’m trying to get debt free. Then I said, “Well my stomach feels funny and there’s nothing worse than dancing around to Latin music with an upset stomach.” But my stomach almost always feels funny. Hot tea is zero calories/Points and always works for me. So, I drank the tea and my tummy felt fine.  And then I said well “I’m tired,” but I realized I wasn’t really that tired, that was just a silly lie too.

My Weight Watcher’s coach has encouraged me to use Connect on the Weight Watchers app.  It’s sort of like Instagram/Facebook for Weight Watchers members.  I got on Connect and I saw so many inspirational motivational stories. One woman went from size 24 to size 12.  Another woman’s scale photo showed her weight as 299.7, no longer in the 300’s club. Seeing those posts motivated me to be good to my body, and it reminded me how good I feel after I work out.

I went home, put on some lip gloss and fluffed my curls. I tore the tag off my psychedelic Calvin Kline Capri pants.  Although they cost too much, they feel so good on! I started to feel more motivated.  Mom said I looked cute and took my pic.  I blasted Sirius XM Fly (fun 90s music) on the car radio for the ride to the gym.   After signing in and walking into the room, I STILL almost turned around to leave.  But the rhythmic beats lured me back in.  After a mambo to the left and a body roll, I just let go and had fun.  My favorite teacher wasn’t there, but it was still a good time.  I worked up a good sweat and felt great after. My body felt relaxed and my mind was happy I won the battle.

It seems crazy that I have to trick myself by:

  1. Combing my hair,
  2. Putting on Lip Gloss
  3. Reading success stories
  4. Putting on cute gym clothes
  5. Singing along to good music
  6. Posing for pics all for ONE work out!  But it worked!

So how do you motivate your self? You do whatever works, what ever it takes.  You may not be girly like me with makeup and clothes, but you can reach out to a friend, play music, do something that uplifts you.  And, when you’re finished working out, it’ll be worth it.  To this day, I’ve never ever regretted a workout.  You can do it!

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