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Taking the Plunge

For years I have admired Roni for only drinking water…I mean who does that??? How do you do that?… Just over a year ago I decided to stop drinking soda after reading the book “Skinny Bitch.” They made it sound so awful calling soda liquid Satan. I felt […]

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Getting Out of Vacation Mode

I have been in vacation mode ever since I got back from Mexico.  Yesterday was the first day that I didn’t feel lazy.  I had every intention to get in a workout but one of the partners from my law firm gave away his season pass tickets […]

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Back to the Studio

I think I’m still in vacation mode.  Feeling pretty lazy.  But, I did make a trip to the recording studio today.  I recorded the vocals for Week 3 of the Bridge to 10K podcasts months ago, but didn’t have the music together.  I get emails daily, asking […]

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Get Moving!

 I’m on vacation in MEXICO!!! But I typed up a post before I left…. Do you read my blog and think, oh that’s so cool that Carli completed a half-marathon, but I could never do anything like that.  You should try to change your thinking.  Like I […]

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Resolution Review

Each year, on January 1st, we all set fantastic goals also known as resolutions. Well, with January almost over, I figured it’s about time to do a review. What sort of resolutions did you set for yourself? Did you set weight loss goals? Are you trying to […]

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