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Staying Clean

“Man, Carli what’s going on?” you ask. “You haven’t posted in forever.” The easy answer is I’ve been super busy. The long answer is that my blog is always first in my heart, I love to write and tell stories, and I love to help people reach their […]

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Missed Weigh-In

Last week was really tough for me emotionally. Leaving a job is hard, even if you’re ready to go. The partner at the firm never directly acknowledged that I was leaving, he just gave me massive projects with fast deadlines. One of my co-workers looked like she […]

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5 Reasons I Had to Pinch Myself to See If I Was Dreaming

They always say that people like to read lists.  So here is a list of 5 Reasons I had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming. Pinch Me Reason #1 I quit my job today!  I’m making millions on the internet and no longer have […]

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Sometimes I Lose My Mind

I’ve been doing a really great job staying on the weight watchers plan for the last month. It’s really a mind over matter thing, but sometimes I lose my mind and forget I’m on plan. On Friday afternoon they sent out one of those dreaded food emails, […]

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She Works Hard for the Money

Hey everybody!  I’ve been working…hard.  We have HUGE trial coming up next month, and it’s grind time.  We’re preparing thousands of exhibits and filing endless motions.  I worked several 12 hour days back to back.  I can hardly tell what day of the week it is.  But […]

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