“Man, Carli what’s going on?” you ask. “You haven’t posted in forever.” The easy answer is I’ve been super busy. The long answer is that my blog is always first in my heart, I love to write and tell stories, and I love to help people reach their fitness goals. But, sometimes my workaholicness (made-up word) gets in the way. I have a great idea for a fitness iPod app. I wanted to look into seeing what it takes to make one, and the guy I talked to started to build it. He built a demo in a week. This app project was on my to do after taxes, after my e-book, after redecorating my living room list. But somehow it jumped it to top of the list, while trying to juggle a vacant rental unit, leaky pipes and old lady tenants that need help opening the freshly painted windows. Oh, and all of this is between helping my mom with her business and my “real job” that takes up 40 hours a week. Did I forget anything? Oh yeah, and trying to date and meet someone new. Which is difficult when I meet guys that say “I broke up with my fiancé last week, but I’m done lying and cheating and ready for a relationship.” ugh … I had to politely tell him I didn’t think we were a good fit. If you’re wondering, I still talk to my Special Friend. We’re cool, but that’s just it. We’re friends. Time to move on.

Amongst all my busy life stuff, I am proud to declare that I’ve been “clean and sober” since I wrote that post nearly a week ago. No soda, no cookies. I’ve had to battle the caffeine withdrawal headaches and one day those 3 for 99 cent fresh baked cookies from McDonalds were calling my name. But, I didn’t give in. And, I didn’t eat any other sweet treat as a substitute. That’s how I am, if I can’t have the cookies, then I don’t want anything else. This further re-affirmed why I cut them out of my diet (again.) I’ve been keeping WW points during the day, and slacking off in the evening. I went to my Weight Watchers meeting but opted not to weigh in. I felt like seeing a higher number might send me to a place I didn’t want to be. I’m trying to detach myself emotionally from the scale, but that day, I knew I wasn’t able to do it. I realized that sometimes we put unnecessary pressure on ourselves. What was the worst thing that could happen? Would everyone laugh at the girl too afraid to weigh in? Or would the meeting leader look at me with shame and disgust?…nope. Nothing happened except she told me she never makes anyone weigh in, and I sat down and enjoyed the meeting. I don’t plan on making a habit out of it not weighing in; but it was nice to take control over the situation. Sometimes you need a break from the scale. Maybe, I didn’t lose weight, (maybe I did) but I had the major non-scale victory of breaking 2 of my most destructive habits.

  1. I have gained the last two weeks at WW. I knew I would since my kitchen is still in ‘re-do’ status–no sink, no counter tops so no cooking for dinner. Luckily it has only been 1.2 pounds over these two weeks but eating out, even just one meal a day will wreck WW. When I weighed in on Tuesday the girl on the scale next to me started crying with the ‘weigher’ asked how her week was. I mean REALLY crying, said it had been a horrible week she drank a lot on her birthday and she knew the scales would not be nice. The ‘weigher’ said you lost .8 pounds. It has been 3 weeks since I had my last diet CF coke so I know how you feel. Those caffine headaches make you think you have a brain tumor. I have done that withdrawal before so I remember them well. Stick to the plan and keep on counting those points…I admit I don’t count what I eat at night because it is restaurant food. I just make sure it is not fast food meal. I can’t wait until I can cook my first dinner in my new kitchen. Hopefully in the next 10 days I will have running water again, a sink, countertops and the dishwasher hooked back up. Love your blog.

  2. Hey Diane, your kitchen is STILL not done?? I’m going to send you my maintenance guy, he’s quick! LOL! Only 1.2 pounds in 2 weeks is great considering your circumstances…. OMG, she was crying? Wow, that’s unbelievable, and I thought I was being extreme. Poor thing… And after all of that, she still lost weight. It goes to show, so much of it is in our heads… Speaking of heads you are so right, I thought something was really wrong with me, is it my braces? did I not get enough sleep? am I stressed? It was probably all of those things, but mostly that dang caffeine withdrawal….Whew! They can have that free soda in the office kitchen, I’m over it! I hope you love your new kitchen. Thanks for commenting and thanks for your support!

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