Last night around midnight, my Special Friend sang Happy Birthday to me.  I don’t think he’s ready for American Idol; but it really made me smile that he wanted to be the first to wish me Happy Birthday.  Then he told me “It’s not the only thing I’m going to be first for” …hmmmm…. what does that mean??? A little while later, my Big Little Sister called and sang around 12:30, because she knows I rarely go to bed before the clock switches over to AM.

Although all the Facebook dings and birthday text messages on my cell phone woke me up way before the alarm clock went off this morning, my day started off with a blast!  Nyah was patiently waiting on the porch to come back inside after going potty. For like the 1st time ever, I didn’t have to chase her around the yard in my dress clothes to get her back in the house.  I thought something was wrong with her.  I actually grabbed her cute furry little face and asked “are you alright?” LOL.  She was just fine, I guess she knew it was my special day and already too hot outside to chase her.  Then on the way work, I was singing all loud and off-key, as part of my morning routine, and for the first time in months there was no construction on the highway! I breezed on into work with no traffic.  While I was eating my 7 point Weight Watcher pancake and turkey sausage breakfast, my niece called to wish me a happy birthday.  That warmed my heart.  I told her she was invited to my party, and she was super excited about birthday cake.  My lawyer boss dude left early, so it was super easy work day.  After lunch the HR guy ordered desserts in my honor, and one co-worker even sang!  They closed the office 30 minutes early and took me out for happy hour.   I love this place.

I went home and put on my cute birthday dress and sexy shoes.

We had dinner at Ginger Bistro, an Asian Fusion restaurant.  Everybody came out for my special day.  My Mom, Dad, Sisters, niece, BFF, my lawyer friends, my travel friend, my childhood friend, my gym cousin….everybody!  There were 14 of us.  The service was a little slow, but the food was good.  They had these fantastic little cheesy crab rangoon appetizers.   Then my Big Little Sister who’s only 4 years younger than me, did a whole birthday gift presentation.  She said that because she missed my big 30th b-day bash in Vegas last year, she was making up for lost time.  She got the best most hilarious gag gift.  She got me, diapers, Ben-gay, Aleve for arthritis, Icy-hot, reading glasses, wrinkle cream and an old people reacher stick thingy.  It was so funny! 

Thank God she gave me the receipt and I can take all that mess back to Walgreens.  LOL!  My niece gave me a card with a dollar and I got all kinds of other great gifts.  I have the best friends and family.  Thank y’all too my internet family, for all the birthday love on my Facebook Page. MUAH! I went home, took off those shoes, talked to my Special Friend who was at work, and went to bed like a respectable old lady!

*Rest in Peace, Whitney Houston my B-day twin!*

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  1. Carli so glad you enjoyed your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday and I love the shoes!!!!

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