Today, I made some really bad food choices, donuts for breakfast and Mickey D’s for lunch.  My body did not appreciate it and I felt like crap.  So, I combed my hair and put on my lip gloss, even though I was teased by my sisters for the lip gloss, I had to look good and stick to my training schedule.  My Big Little Sister, her hubby, and the baby volunteered to join me and the little sister in the park.  My naturally athletic brother-in-law was excited to run with me.  It was quite funny, because even after 7 weeks of training, he was able to do a brisk long legged walk, and keep up with my short legged jog.   It was nice to have the support because he was behind me and literally pushed me through the hard parts.  I liked his motivational quote, “If you don’t feel it, it isn’t working!” All and all we had a great 25 min run and completed 2.8 Miles.



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