Today was the 1st meeting for the Get fit 4 Christ program.  We all met with Lyle and he told us a few more details about the program.  We have to keep a food journal, one my least favorite things to do, even though I know much it helps me.  We not only have to keep a food record, but post it on our blogs.   Will that stop me buying a blizzard from Dairy Queen just because it’s hot outside?  I sure hope so, because I did that today….Anyway, he also mentioned something about a fast.  All jokes aside, I literally raised my hand and asked, “A fast from WHAT?”   He replied “Food”…“Oh, wow” I mumbled.   I’m going to have to do lot a praying to make it through this. 

 Amongst other things, he discussed the importance of taking multi-vitamins, cleansing our body, and drinking Bragg – Apple Cider Vinegar daily with water.  I think I’ll buy some.  And, last but not least, we’re running a 5K!  After my last 5K in July, I kinda felt like “mission accomplished”, but I guess I was wrong.  I’ll be doing my 4th 5K this year on October 10th.  I’m confident I’ll beat my race time again.  Well before I go, I have to send a “ghetto shout-out” as my sister calls it to Michael Jackson.  Happy B-Day MJ a true musical genius!  Check out the pic from our MJ Party.  My Aunt won best costume with baby “Blanket” in her arms.  I still laugh about that!

MJ Party Pic

  1. I stumbled across your site on and just love it. So up lifting. I am planning on running my first 5k at Thanksgiving and have the goal to not finish last (the middle would be great) and to do it in less than 45 minutes. My weight loss goal is 40 pounds. I started at 164 and would like to weigh 125. I know that sound extreme but at 5′ 2″ it is not. In any case, love the blog and how you put it all out there. Can’t wait to see how you do in the Oct 5k.

    What’s the the apple cider vinegar for?

    I have done a fast in the past. Here are my helpful hints. Don’t do it before your period!!! A week before start cutting back on portions. At 5 days cut anything processed. At 4 days meats. At 3 days just veggies and fruit. My last day before the start I ate lots of watermelon and apples. Don’t forget the water and lots of it. I added Miralax to help with constipation.

    Good Luck can’t wait to see how it goes:-)


    • Julie, it seems like a lot of people are running a Thanksgiving 5K. I’m short too, I’m 5’3 and a half 😉 He said the apple cider vinegar is a good natural way to cleanse your body and you just take a small amount each day with water. I found out today that the fast is Friday! Yikes. I will try to do some of your sugguestions to help the process. Thanks!

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