This morning, I got up and went to my personal training session.  After the elliptical warm up, he switched up the dumbbell routine, and it was harder than usual.  After we finished working out, he said we had to weigh in.  For the first time in a long time, I was excited to get on the scale.  I knew that I had mostly been sticking to the food program and that I had lost weight.  When I got on the scale, I had lost a significant amount of weight.  I’m not telling you how much right now.  I’m going to save it until the end of the program and then reveal the magic number of pounds that I lost.  But, I will tell you that it was good enough to get an enthusiastic high five from Lyle and I’m confident that I will pass the 10 pound goal he set for us and the weight loss thermometer will be moving soon!   I was so excited and inspired by my own progress that I decided to go for a run, despite the grueling personal training session.  I had no excuse not to go, I was already dressed and sweaty, and my iPod was in the car.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t wearing my new running shoes; I can’t wait to try them.  I did have to go potty though, and the park restroom reminded me of a scene from a scary movie, when you yell at the TV, “Why would she even go in there by herself?!”  It just looked like a future crime scene, but when you gotta go, you gotta go….

I ran to my week 7 podcast.  I certainly didn’t run the whole 25 minutes, but I did okay.  That is until my greatest fear came to life.  I was almost finished cooling down walking to “Walking on Sunshine,” and I did my usual police pat down-like routine to make sure my cell phone and keys were where I put them.  I have a procedure of sticking them between the sports bra and the real bra.  However today, when I started the pat down, I didn’t feel anything…no keys!  I thought my greatest fear had come to life.  I just knew that I would have to retrace my steps i.e. 2+ miles looking for keys. I stopped in the middle of the jogging path in the middle of the park praying and groping my boobs feeling for the keys.  Finally… I found them, under one of my boobs.  If you’ve seen my pictures, you know I was over-blessed in the chest area, which explains how I could lose keys in a bra.   Thank God, I found the keys and made it back to my car safely.  I spent the rest of the day on a fun shopping excursion with my Mama and my Big Little Sister.  I couldn’t spend any money for real…y’all know my situation, but I did buy some cute brown suede boots from the consignment shop. 


What Did Carli Eat Today?

B- Protein Shake & Banana Nut Muffin

S- Fresh Pineapple

L- Tilapia, Rice, Broccoli, Side Salad, and a Breadstick

S- Turkey Sandwich (Whole Grain Bread)

D- Steak Sandwich (Whole Grain Bread)

  1. Just found your blog off FB C25K page. 🙂

    Had to laugh at the police pat-down routine. I hate carrying bags, wallets or backpacks…particularly when any kind of physical exercise is involved so I also have a history of depositing things in random places. But there is no faster way to create that horrible sinking feeling in the gut than finding nothing where a distinct lump should be!

    When I went to get running shoes I found something called a SPIbelt. It is very discreet and doesn’t bounce or slide anywhere. Can definitely recommend if you’re looking for another place to deposit items. 😉

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