Last night I went to bed at 2AM, I had a college friend in from out of town.  I had already made up in my mind that I would not go running today because I wouldn’t have enough time.  However, Nyah had a different idea.  She came in my room at 7:52 this morning, shaking her collar.  She would not stop jingling that thing until I got up out of bed.  Once I was up, I had no excuse not to go for a run.  I got dressed and left my friend a note before I went to the gym so that she wouldn’t think I was abducted by aliens during the middle of night.  At the gym, I was on week 6 day 2 of my podcasts, which is two 10 minute runs spaced by a 3 minute walk.   About 8 minutes into my run, I got a case of the bubble guts.  It was much like the last time I had them.  I thought the protein shake would be enough to coat my stomach…. but I’ll skip the gory details and just say, I took a “pause for the cause” then I went right back up to the track, and finished my 1st 10 minute run.  I did the 3 minute walk and finished my 2nd 10 minute run.  When I was almost finished with the 2nd run, I started panicking, I thought I missed the prompt the tell me to stop running. 

 All I could think was I’ll be running for 30 minutes because I missed the cue to walk.   Finally about a minute later there was my own voice encouraging and congratulating me and then I was done.  I felt like a Marine, I’ve done more before 9AM than that most people do all day…well maybe just more than I would normally do.  After my run, my friend and I went for a massage.   It was fantastic, I wanted to pack that little lady in my purse and take her home.  After the massage I went to personal training.  We weighed in and I had gained a little.  I wasn’t totally surprised, because I wasn’t completely following the meal plan I like I should have.  Last night’s Applebee’s sampler platter that I devoured probably didn’t help either.  Lyle was not real happy about it.  I had to wear a 12 pound weight jacket during the workout.  And instead of 8 pound dumbell weights, I had 10 pounders. After the personal training session we went to a wedding.  In college days we would have gone out and partied afterwards.  But in these days, we were tired and came home.  But we played the Wii and the Wii Fit.  So technically… I worked out 3 times in one day!


What Did Carli Eat Today?  (A lot at the wedding)

B- Protein Shake

S- Apple, Granola bar

L- 6 Chicken Nuggets

D- Fruit, Chicken, Green beans, Tilapia, Roll, potatoes, wedding cake


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