Today was the Black MBA Association Career Fair that I’ve been talking about.  All week I kept talking about the irony of an unemployed person hosting a career fair.  At the fair, all of the applicants were pre-screened to confirm they had at least a bachelor’s degree.  It turned out to be a huge success, many of the employers/vendors said it was the best one they’d ever participated in, and really liked the quality applicants we presented.   The MBA society has been putting this event on for 16 years, so that was a huge compliment and made me feel like all of my hard volunteer work paid off.  Sonia, one of the best entrepreneurs I know, was the chair-person; and she made sure everyone ate good!  There was a breakfast, a real lunch and even snacks throughout the day…. When I had a quick chance to slip away and check my voicemail there was message from one of the employment recruiters that I signed up with stating that she wanted to talk to me about the job I interviewed for last week.  Now y’all know I’ve been doing this whole interview thing since, August, so I KNEW a phone call was much better than the crappy “thanks but no thanks” letter employers usually send.

I called her back and she said that all 3 people that interviewed me really liked me and that they thought I was way over qualified for the law clerk position I interviewed for.  So, they essentially created a new temp to permanent paralegal position just for me!!!!!  As my Pastor says, “Ain’t He alright!?”  I’ll be making just a little bit less than I was as my old firm….but I love that the new company has a huge commitment to the community.  You can donate like $25 at the beginning of each month to a charity, and wear jeans every day.  I love it!   Especially, since I only have one suit jacket that actually fits and isn’t too big.  I’m really excited about it……Unfortunately;   I’ve been doing a lot of emotional eating lately.  That emotion I’ve been feeding is BOREDOM, hopefully now that I’m gainfully employed, that’ll cut out some of the boredom.  Actually, it’s crazy, but I’m more motivated to work on my own business ideas, now that I know I have to punch somebody else’s time clock… But, for right now, I’m happy and thanking God that I’m moving on to the next level….

What Did Carli Eat Today?  (Enough for 3 fat people)

B- Eggs, hash browns, grapes and a biscuit

L- Baked Chicken breast, Mac n cheese, spoonful of mashed potatoes, salad, and Another Biscuit.  I skipped the cheesecake dessert….that is, until they brought out the chocolate chip cookies….

S- 2 Chocolate Chip cookies…or was it 3, I can’t even remember. And Hot wings…OMG, I’m getting sick just writing all of this.

D- White Castle – Double cheeseburgers sliders, cheese sticks and a non diet soda. Whew, what a day, I probably gained 6 pounds! Glad I’ve got a job and can afford to go back to my weight management meetings! 

  1. Congratulations! 🙂 That is fantastic news! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Congrats!

  3. Congrats Carli!!!!!
    And yes HE IS ALRIGHT!!!!!!

    LMAO @ What did Carli eat Today ??? Enough for 3 fat people heheheheheheheheh

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