It’s ironic how I’m so far from being the The Biggest Loser, but so close at the same time. Yesterday at my Weight Watcher meeting, I gained a devastating 2 pounds. I felt awful. The nice lady who weighed me in said it might have been my necklace, but I knew it was my lack of activity and my excess of junk food that was really weighing me down. I didn’t even want to stay for the meeting, but I knew I needed some kind of motivation to get back on track. The thing I liked best was when the leader emphasized that even if everything in your life is out of control (which I kinda felt like lately); you always have control over what you eat. Sometimes we forget the simple things to help us on the journey to weight loss…Today, while I was at work, I got another phone call from Lyle. I subconsciously had made up all kinds of reasons why I wouldn’t be able to attend the new boot camp session, but when he called again, I just couldn’t tell him no. I called my cousin again to join me since it worked so well this past weekend. To my surprise I had to beg him to go with me. He said outrageous stuff like, what if I have an asthma attack (he doesn’t have asthma), or what if I pass out, you’ll have to carry me up the stairs. He went on and on with these crazy scenarios of why he couldn’t go to boot camp. I showed up at his house anyway, and took him to class with me. Because I had to wait on him, we got there a few minutes late in the middle of suicide runs. Then we did some circuit training. Jumping jacks for 30 secs, leg lifts 30 secs, squat thrusts 30 secs, push-ups 30s, sit ups for 30 secs and more for a total of 15 minutes, then we ran for 3 minutes, and Repeated the15 minute circuit training. It was an extreme work out, I had sweat dripping in my eyes, and I just laughed when my cousin cut me that “I’m gonna get you for bringing me here look.” When class was over and we got in the car, he said the most shocking statement… “Let’s go to the gym.” WHAT?! Are you serious I asked? And he was! And we did! I’ve done back to back workouts before, but this was so unexpected. While a lot of people were at home sitting on the couch watching The Biggest Loser, I was doing my second workout at the gym. We got on the elliptical for 20 minutes and then I got the treadmill for 15 more minutes. By 9:30, I was exhausted. It’s a good thing, I had Beyonce’s playlist on my Video Phone; She really sang through my Radio and said, Hey Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It), you’re a Diva, and that really boosted my Ego and made my Halo shine!

  1. Hi, just wanted to say I have completed Week 1 of the C25K using your iPod downloads – thank you so much – I tried it once just keeping time myself but gave up. Having to wait for you to tell me I can walk just keeps me going – I find myself not wanting to let you down!! LOL! Great blog, great inspiration. Thanks. x

    • Okay Tad, don’t let me down. I hope to see you join my wall of fame. Don’t start yelling at me through your iPod during week 7 lol, that’s when it might get a little tough. But hey, like I always say, if I did it, anybody can!

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