I’m feeling better, but still not all the way right, just about 88%.  (I don’t know how I came up with that random number, it just sounded right, LOL)… I have so much to say, I don’t know where to start.  I guess I’ll start with Monday.  I forced myself to go to my Weight Watcher Meeting even though I wasn’t feeling well.  I gained less than half a pound, which is relatively minor considering I cruised and boozed for a whole weekend and haven’t been able to work out.  But, I was very strict with my points when I got back from vacation….  Later, when I got home from the WW meeting, I saw my neighbor walking across the street carrying a giant trash bag over his shoulder Santa Claus style.  He had this crazy look in his eye.   And me being the nosy person I am, asked “Neighbor is everything okay?”  He said something, but with an ear infection in both ears it was hard to hear anything.  I asked again and he said “I’m about to start some Beef”  (which is ghetto terminology for a grudge or a fight with somebody.)  Then I asked “Beef with who?”  He explained to me that he caught his Baby Mama cheating, while he works hard every day to keep food on the table, and he proceeded to tell me that it was her stuff in the bag, that he was putting her out, and that he was going to pour soda on everything!”  I told him I was sorry about his situation and then he tried to hit on me.  Not literally y’all….  You know what I mean, he started flirting with me.  I politely declined, and he said “that’s okay, I’ll give you time to think about it.”  ….I went in my house and peeped though the mini blinds and by that time her clothes were scattered from the street to the porch.  Assumingly, drenched in soda.  I hadn’t seen anything this exciting on my block since that day, that girl demolished that cheating man’s car.  By the time I looked again, her cousin was helping clean up everything.   This morning, I saw the neighbor guy carrying a mattress.  I just smiled and waved and decided to mind my own business, like everything was normal.   Anyway enough ghetto drama, today it was soooo HOT outside.  Like, you know how the heat hits your face when you open the oven when you’re cooking?  That’s how it felt every time you stepped outside today.  So of course Me and my friend took our weekly walk indoors to the gym.  I knew I had to do Week 2 of my running plan.  After the first 90 second interval run, I was like Ha! I’m Carli to the Fierce, this is easy.  But after the 3rd interval run, I was struggling,…wondering where all my fierceness disappeared to.  My calves were burning and my ankle was hurting.  I tried to focus on the music, and write my blog post in my head to help me think about something else.  I finally finished all 6 intervals, and completed a mile and a half.  My friend was still walking, and I sat sweating in a chair and just watched.  I didn’t feel like doing anything extra.  But it did feel good to finally be back on my running plan.  I’m ready for the next day!

  1. WooHooo!!!!! Glad you are feeling better!! Great job on getting out there and doing it. Keep it up!!!

  2. Glad to hear you’re better. Well done on Week 2

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