Hey everybody! I missed you guys.  I was constantly thinking of cool things to blog about while I was gone on vacation.  But, on the cruise we were totally cut off from “the real world.”  They bragged about the 24 hour internet café in the ads, but didn’t mention it was like 75 cents a minute.  And my cell phone was $2.29 per minute.  So of course, nobody heard from me until I was back in the States….Let’s see where do I start without making this too long.  I left for Miami on Thursday night with both of my sisters and my cousins.  We spent the night in Miami and headed toward the Port Friday morning.  My last cruise with my family was with Royal Caribbean cruise line, but this time we went with Norwegian.   To say the least I was disappointed with our ship named “The Sky”.  Our last cruise was so glamorous with bird shaped towels, fancy cut fruit and eager attendants ready to serve you.  This ship had what they called “free style cruising” which I translate as “you ain’t getting all of that.”  Other than the janky ship, everything else was great.  We woke up Saturday Morning in Nassau, Bahamas.  Nobody really wanted to spend a lot of money on a cruise sponsored tour, so we decided to be adventurous and create our own tour.  We caught the Ferry over to the Atlantis Luxury Resort.  It was beautiful. There were all the really high end shops that a girl only dreams of shopping in, and a huge casino and a beautiful aquarium in the ornate lobby.  Justin Beiber was there in concert.  The guy on the Ferry pointed out the 10 room suite that Michael Jackson used to rent out for $25,000 and night, with a four night minimum stay.  I could only imagine what it looked like inside.   After Atlantis, I didn’t really want ride the ferry back, so I caught a taxi cab back to the port with one of my cousins.  He was tired and burnt out from the sun so he got back on board the ship.  I went shopping.  I know that probably wasn’t the best idea, but I figure I’m black, so I shouldn’t totally stick out as a tourist wandering the streets alone. LOL.  Anyway, I found the COACH store.  AND they had a mini wallet to match my purse!  I was so psyched.   And, it was on sale and there is no tax!  After the Coach store, I went to the straw market and got a few souvenirs, t-shirts and handmade jewelry. On my walk back to the port I was looking a little lost & confused, but that’s because it was so hot and humid.  One of the locals asked if I needed help, and I told him I needed a drink. He offered to take me, I was hesitant, but he was heading back toward the customs building, and I needed a drink, so we walked together and talked.  He told me I was beautiful and he wanted to take me to the beach so that I could stick my toes in the sand.  I politely said no thanks, and he replied “Baby you’re so beautiful, why not, my last name is not is Van der Sloot.”  I had to laugh; because all I was thinkng about was my cute pic and a CNN headline ticker tape reading “Shopaholic Wanders Alone and gets Abducted in the Bahamas.”  Anyway, he was a total gentleman and led me to a well populated indoor juice stand out of the heat, where I ran into my sisters buying a local treat conch fritters…..That night, me and my family partied hard at the cruise night club.  There were 17 of us total including my Actress Aunt  her friend “Stanley from The Office” and my Gym Cousin (who of course worked out).  I didn’t make it to the gym, I partied too hard and drank too much.  Sunday Morning we woke up and were at the Great Stirrup Cay Island, a private island owned by the cruise line.  It was so beautiful. Me and my Little Sis went snorkeling for the 1st time.  It was awesome! At first I was scared and started scream under water, then I realized that didn’t work out so well. I calmed down and learned how to breathe through my mouth only.  The fish were so pretty with their electric blues and tropical neon colors.  I wish I had a water proof camera to show you.  We did a lot more, but those are the highlights, and it’s late, and I’m still recuperating.  Work was a mess, I literally had hundreds of emails this morning.  So, I’m signing off.  I’ll be back at Week 2 of my running program tomorrow. Pictures coming soon.  By the way….

What Did Carli Eat Today?

 I had an awesome food day, Protein Shake for breakfast, Salad for lunch, pretzels for snack and healthy choice frozen dinner with a side of corn.  If you’re still reading, thanks, and Good Night!

  1. Glad you had a really great time!!! Missed ya! Did another 5K this last Sunday. 58:01 — not a PR but getting there. Nov. 7th, 2010 I’m signedup and paid for, my first 1/2 marathon!!!!!!
    womenshalfmarathon.com — my husband is going to run it with me. Wish me luck!!!! I’ll keep you updated!!!!
    Again, glad you had a great vacation.

  2. So pleased you had a lovely holiday! I managed run 5.3 this morning, I never thought I’d run for 20 minutes non-stop. Thank you so much!!


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