I wanted to tell you guys about the charity mouse race on Saturday but, I never got around to it.  However, this morning, I was walking to my car and stepped on a rusted wire clothes hanger outside.  It did not cut or a scrape me, it actually went into my foot and I had to pull it out.  I took off my bloody flip-flop sandal, and put on my law firm appropriate shoes I had left in my car.  When I hobbled into the office, I immediately Googled “tetanus” and saw this picture

that totally freaked me out, I literally screamed out loud at my desk.  Anyway, I’m okay, I guess…because I got a tetanus shot back around 2006.  So, I said all that to say, I couldn’t go on my weekly Wednesday walk with my Best Friend with a little hole in my foot.

So, while watching Knocked Up, for the hundredth time (it’s still funny!), I decided to blog about the mouse race on Saturday.  Me, Mr. Man and my sisters saw signs pointing us to the right building.  Once inside there were these cute Luau decorations and even giant paper mouse cut outs with flowers. I told the director guy that I was a little creeped out about the mice, and he jokingly said they had an “incident” last year, but it “shouldn’t” happen again today. ……hmmmmm I was still nervous about all of this so,  I had my Little sister go ask the lady how it all was going to work, because she’s 16, so I figured she would look less dumb asking questions.   The Hawaiian themed dinner was served first and then put away before the mice came out.  I guess that made the most sense.  Then we got poker chips and a bid card with a list of all the names of the different mice in each race. 

 For the first race, I bid on Mickey.  How could Mickey Mouse not win a mouse race?  Well, he didn’t and I lost about 4 bucks.  But, it was so much fun though, we all huddled around the enclosed little race track and cheered for the mouse we put money on.  When they opened the mini doors, sometimes the mice run take off running straight to the finish line, and some would stop, while others would actually turn around and go the wrong way!  It was hilarious we had a fun time.  There was an open bar, so some people there had a “really” good time.  But, the funniest part of the whole night was the silent auction, when my Big Little sister ran up during the last 30 seconds and put a bid on a Spa Package and won it for about half price of it’s worth.  She was so excited, planning out her spa day massage, but we were both curious as to why we had never heard of the place.  So, she gets her pretty gold envelope, and opens it only to find that I was for a Pet Salon and Spa! There were pics of little dogs in bows.  OMG, it was so funny! She doesn’t even have a dog.   She got her money back and let the lady whose name was on the list before her have it.  At the end of the night, I ended up losing about $20, but it was for charity, and totally worth the fun & being able to say I survived a real mouse race!

  1. Carliiiiiiiiiiii!!! I just got home from finishing Week 3! Thank you so much for all your encouragement. Looking forward to Week 4!

  2. hi- how is your foot doing? 🙁

  3. Hey Helen, I’m doing much better, thank God, my body didn’t go into freaky muscle spasms like the pic on wikipedia! I even got in a good workout yesterday with Mr. Man. I’ll put the post up tonight. Thanks for checking on me 🙂

  4. Lelia, Get it girl!

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