Auntie Carli’s Favorite little girl in the world went on her 1st field trip! Look at the cute pics from her first school bus ride…she wasn’t really sure about those bus seats…. LOL! But, she did like the fresh picked apples. She ate FOUR apples and passed out. I had to share with you guys!

  1. Carli!
    My co-worker found your website and together we’ve been working towards a 5k by following along with your blogs. We love listening to the C25K podcasts because it’s incredibly motivating for us to not be able to quit until we hear you personally tell us our runs are over with. We happen to live in St. Louis as well, so I keep thinking that some day we’ll run into each other at a 5K (we’re planning on doing the Gobble Wobble on Thanksgiving morning for our first 5K) or running around in Forest Park.

    I LOVE the podcasts. Thank you so much for making them and for being a great inspiration for all of us who are trying to get in better shape and are in need of motivation.

    -Julie (Fenton)

  2. What a Sweet looking girl! She is beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing!
    Any time frame on the 10k podcast? No rush just wondering.
    Hope you have a great weekend! I’m doing a 5k on Sunday. Its a big AIDS walk here in Phoenix.
    Talk to you later!

  3. Carli, today is my first 5k race, the Scotiabank “Women Against Breast Cancer 5k” in Trinidad and Tobago.

    Even though I am nervous as hell, I made some time to drop you this line to say a BIG thank you for having this website and allowing us to use your free podcasts. If it were not for you, I honestly don’t believe I would have reached this far in the C25K program.

    I was born with chronic lung disease coupled with severe asthma all my life and could not run 30 seconds straight 2 months ago – now I am running 40 minutes straight! (the last 10 mins I am usually not sure if I’m running or walking but who cares?!!!!!).

    I’ll upload a photo on the Wall of Fame later on.

    Thanks again.

  4. WTG SD!!!!!! Keep it up!!!

  5. Your neice is such a cutie! Congrats on the Sista Strut, I will be participating in the Strides for Breast cancer walk in a couple of weeks!!!!

  6. Julie, I’ve never heard of the Gobble Wobble. You’re going to RUN on a HOLIDAY???!!! I can’t promise I’ll make it to that one. But good Luck! That’s for letting me know I have some local supporters. Keep up the great team work.

  7. Tammy, I hope your 5K went well on Sunday. I lost someone to AIDS and it’s important to bring awareness to the disease. I was finally able to get a studio appointment. If all goes well, I’m supposed to start recording on Wednesday. But I have to warn you, this is a long process, the first one took months. I know a little more this time around, so we’ve figured out the kinks, but it’s still a long process. But the good news is I’m finally going to start recording! I’ll keep you guys posted.

  8. SD Trinidad & Tobago? I had no idea you were so far away. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m glad my podcasts were able to get you off the couch and up and running. Send your race day pic to my email address at I’m so happy that you were able to work through your medical issues and reach your goal. Anything is possible if we first believe! 🙂

  9. Thanks, Linda, My hunny bunny is the best! I got to spend time with her this weekend. I hope you’re someplace warm, because here in STL it will be pretty cold in a couple of weeks.

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