Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for!  Did I lose a bunch of weight and run a marathon…uh not quite.  But, I am sitting in the studio right now!!!!  I’m finishing up Week 1 of my 10K podcast.  I’m super tired.  Work was a mess today, sometimes I question how smart attorneys “really” are… and I think that after a while they “forget” how to think like “regular” people….  Anyway, I love being in the studio and recording it’s so much fun.  I feel like a celebrity when I’m on the microphone listening to my voice through the headphones. Even though I’m drained, I keep pushing my producer friend, come on, we can finish, we can do this.   We still have to adjust the voice levels, to make sure you can hear me and then “bounce it down” to level out my voice with the music.  I’m loving week 1, I’ve got a lil Usher OMG, some old school Bee Gee’s and of course the right amount of Carli Fierce attitude sprinkled throughout!  I’m sure there are some typos in this post, and I’m not even sure if this makes sense to anyone but me.  Regardless,  I was excited and wanted to share.  If I can catch the producer on a weekend, I hope to finish week 2 and 3.  Okay, it’s almost midnight, and we’re still working.  Later!

  1. Hoooray! I am so excited to hear that the podcasts are coming along. I still just LOVE the C25K podcasts. I ran my second 5K last weekend and cut my time to 37:19. I was so excited. My friend ran with me for her first 5K and she was at 37:10 (she likes to sprint to the end, especially if we are on the Rocky theme song!) . We have both definitely caught the bug and are doing another run on the 16th and then one on Thanksgiving morning.

    I owe you so much thanks for inspiring me and keeping me going. I can’t wait to do a 10K with you!

  2. Woot, Woot! Yay!!!! I’m so excited for you. My 5k is on the 23rd and I WILL be ready and you will be with me every step of the way! Thanks, Carli for giving so much of yourself. What a lucky world, to have you in it!


  3. Hi Carli,
    great to know that the 10K podcasts are on the way!!
    I emailed you the pic of my first 5K (less than 27 minutes) and I just signed for the “after adoption race”, a 5K in London on Oct 24th—and yes, I will be running a race while on vacation!!!
    I am definitely another one who caught the running bug!!

    a tight hug


  4. Thank you so much Carli for the awesome podcast!!! You keep me so motivated and the music is fantastic!!! I just finished week 5 and can’t wait for week 6, thanks again and keep it up!!! 🙂

  5. YES!! I cannot wait!!! Can I offer some suggestions for music?

    Rhianna – Rockstar
    Lil John – Let’s Go
    Trey Songs – Bottoms Up
    Shakira – Waka Waka and Hips Don’t Lie

    Thanks! I love your podcast! My friend Paula and I are doing this together, so hopefully by the time we are finished (we are on Week 6) the new podcast will be ready.

  6. Lorin! You’re still running, that’s fantastic. Way to go with the time. Congrats!

  7. Jenn I can’t wait for your 5K, you KNOW you’ve already earned your spot on My Wall of Fame!

  8. Enrica, thanks for the hug. I got your race day pic, congratulations!!!! Sometimes it takes me a little while to get to the pictures, but soon you will be on My wall of fame. I’ll send you an email when it’s posted. Good luck with your next race.

  9. Erin you’re welcome! Keep it up. 🙂

  10. Janiece, “Bottoms Up” is my song! Girl, great suggestion. I am loving the new Trey Songz CD. I put the “Here We Go Again” Intro from his CD as the Intro to my New Podcast. I thought it had the right amount of energy, and what was more perfect than “Here we Go Again!”

  11. Please HURRY. I will be finished C25K in 2 weeks and cant find any good bridge to 10k podcast. Your podcasts are the best!!

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