Hey, this post is for anyone who reads my blog and any other blogs.   You either already have a “Feed Reader,” or you’re probably compleltely clueless as to what RSS, Feed and web syndication even means.  I started my blog as an outlet for my thoughts and a way to keep my self accountable.   It was only later that I began to discover the VERY technical side of blogging.   Tonight, I pulled out my “WordPress For Dummies” book, to get a better understanding of what RSS even means and figure out why mine didn’t work.  This post is for those of you who were as lost and confused as I was.  I’ll keep it really simple.  Which is actually what RSS stands for …”Really Simple Syndication.”  You can set up a free account with a “Feed Reader” service, such as Google Reader (http://www.google.com/reader) to keep up with new content from your favorite blogs and websites. It’s like a newsreel for all of your favorite sites.  It’s really easy, all you do is type in the web address for your favorite blogs or websites.  Then Voila, you can see updates to all of favorite blogs in one place.  I read the book and figured out how to fix my RSS Feed, so now you can see all of my updates.  This was proabably really cool information or you’re still lost….. If you’re still lost no big deal, you can still come directly to Runningintoshape.com.
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  1. Hoooray! I see your blog now in my reader and it’s showing up on my blogroll too! Finally!! I couldn’t keep up with your blog without it, so I will look forward to reading more about your journey from now on.

    I need you to know that I have completed my first 5k (in about 41 minutes), and my second one is coming November 7. I loved your podcasts and appreciate your journey. I have also referred a friend who is running on November 7 with me to your site and she uses your c25k podcasts too. (Nov 7 will be her first one.) My goal for #2 is just to beat 41 minutes. We’ll see how it goes. I’m getting over strep throat and need to wait a couple more days before I get back out there. Anyway, thanks, and I’m so glad you got the feeds working!

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