1. Oh my gosh…is that vaseline??? Well, at least the dirt will slide right off and her skin will be SUPER soft! 🙂

  2. Yes Jenn girl it was Vaseline! She’ll be silky smooth.

  3. Too funny! My 2yro granddaughter just did this, but to her 1 yr old sister! Not fun to clean up, especially out of hair.

  4. Okay, Carli. I am having the WORST moment EVER! I am putting an outfit together for a conference I’m going to tomorrow and the pants I want to wear ARE TIGHT! Tight enough that I have to totally suck it in to button them. 🙁 🙁 🙁 No more messing around. I am not a happy camper. I cannot believe that I ordered freakin pizza for dinner.

    Send encouraging thoughts…it’s hard to get on track…but I know I can do it. Ugh.

  5. This is too cute, she was just trying to help and get herself dressed…lol

    Please put this in her baby book so that ishe can look back on this.

  6. Jenn, BREATHE! You know that I know EXACTLY how you feel. It can be quite a traumatizing experience to find out that “surprise” your pants don’t fit. But, sometimes that’s just the wakeup call that we need. After I experienced the same thing and panicked for like 3 days straight. I also got back on my plan. I wrote down everything I ate and got in extra activity. Plan every meal and stick to your 5K training. You’ll see a difference pretty quickly. I was able to button “those pants” within about a week or so. Certainly you have another pair that will close in the meantime….also don’t worry about the pizza…You can’t “un-eat” it, so now just plan your healthy meals for TODAY! I hope this helps 🙂

  7. @ Lelia, OMG, not to her sister! LOL these 2 y.o’s are amazing.

  8. @ Linda, Mommy went to get the sippy cup and came back to her little “helper”

  9. That is hilarious! My nephews did a similar thing when they were younger…except they covered their feet in vaseline so they could slide on the carpet. Then they realized things stick to vaseline so they put it on the walls and stuck toys, dog food, anything they could find to it! It was really fun helping to clean up the mess.

  10. Taste great…. Less Filling… LOL- oh that’s too funny! Baby girl is going to be soft!

  11. so cute! I have a picture of my boys when they were little COVERED in baby powder… they were having a grand old time ….until mom opened the door! omg… 🙂 I’m sure she was doing her best !

  12. Better her than me. I’m not going to lie, the thought of cleaning that mess up is making me ill. I have this thing about the feel of vaseline, not on my lips, not on chaffed hands, not anywhere, ick! The hair…what do you do about the hair??? My daughter would be wearing a nice slicked back ponytail for a week!

  13. JD, really, I don’t know what she did…. I know she told me she got dry towel instead of wet one. I don’t what she did about the hair or the brand new sheets. I guess that’s all a part of being a Mom.

  14. My daughter (4 at the time) did this to her (then) 8 yr old brother. (Who allowed it because he didn’t know any better)…. it does not wash out with regular shampoo. The secret is to use cornstarch to soak up the vaseline, then wash the hair with shampoo as normal.

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