All day long I was fighting myself about tonight’s run.  I was sitting at my desk at work, asking myself, why in the world did I sign up for a half marathon? Who would volunteer to run 13 miles? Then, I started thinking to myself, I probably can’t even do it…This evening when I came home, I talked on the phone with my best friend until almost 7 pm, like that would make my running obligations disappear.  When I got off the phone, the run was still there looming in my thoughts.  How did Monday come so quickly?  I got dressed in my cut off t-shirt and sweat pants anyway and picked up my little sister, who asked to join me.  I was dreading today’s workout all the way through the warm-up walk and part of the first 90 second run.   Then it hit me, “Why am I fighting myself?”  Is that not one of the dumbest things a person can do?  We have so many things that are out of our control on a daily basis, why waste time and energy fighting myself?   It was time to stop being lazy and making excuses….I started to run a little faster, and the looming, “you’ll never make it” cloud above me started to fade.  It’s all mental.  It’s just a head game that I play with myself.  But the good part is, I have control over my thoughts, and your thoughts shape your reality….so, with a cramp in my side, and my juicy calf muscles burning on fire, I boldly tackled Day 1 of Week 3.

  1. It might help to think that “No, I don’t have to run the whole 13.1 miles. I just need to finish!” If you can’t tell thats my motto for Nov. 7th. My first half. No way I can run it all, but I CAN and WILL finish it!
    As for your cramp in the side, drink more water while running. Thats what my hubby keeps telling me. It seems to help.
    Keep Running!

  2. When my brain starts that crap (usually on the way home to change to head to the gym or on the drive to the gym), I hit CD # 3 in the car and turn the volume up (loud music usually quells the voices in my head) and play the first 3 songs on the Black Eyed Peas CD. By the time I pull in the drive at home until I get to the gym, I’m pumped, ready to get into my workout.

    I like Tammy’s motto….Just Finish.

  3. Carli – I love, love, love you!!!!!!!! I just downloaded the C25K podcasts last night, and I can’t stop running… LITERALLY! They are so upbeat, and enjoyable to listen to. Thank you for being such an inspiration, and sharing your journey with those of us that are on similar trek to health and fitness. God Bless! –Patty

  4. Tammy, I got the article you sent me about your husband. What an awesome story! That’s such an amazing goal to run in every state. You’re so right my main goal is to finish.

  5. Tex Queen, I like that idea! It’s impossible feel anything but motivated with the BEP, they have contagious energy.

  6. Patty, I Love love love you back! I’m glad you’re enjoying the podcast. 🙂

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