Sorry I’ve been MIA.  I’ve been busy trying to get some things in order.  But, don’t worry, I’ll get you all caught up.

Wednesday is usually the day my best friend and I go for a walk in the Park.  Last week we realized that with Autumn quickly approaching, the sun sets pretty early in the evening.  We knew that walking in the dark again was out of the question.  So, we decided to stay in and workout with Bob on the Biggest Loser Cardio Max DVD.  We did level 1, and encouraged each other all the way through until the end.   It was a great workout and we were both really sweating. However, we might have to figure out a better place to put the coffee table, because 2 big girls doing cardio in my living room needed a little more space….My plan was to stick to my running schedule and go to the gym after we finished, but I was too tired, and didn’t go.   

Friday, at work we were allowed to dress up in costumes to celebrate Halloween.  I work at a very conservative law firm and we are never allowed to wear jeans or have casual days.  So, all of us paralegals got together and decided that we would wear jeans, and dress up as “paralegals who work at a law firm with casual Fridays.”  It was kinda funny. The human resources people thought it was creative, and we all knew with the workload they give us, there was no way they were going to send us all of us home….One of the attorneys dressed up as Flo from the Progressive Car Insurance commercials.   Another senior attorney dressed as the Chilean Miner  and 2 associates dressed up too, one dressed as his wife and the other as his girlfriend.  It was sooo funny they had the signs and everything.   It was quite the conversation piece…if you don’t know the story, during a candle light vigil for the trapped miners, one of the wives was shocked to hear another woman chanting her husband’s name.  I guess it’s actually more sad than funny…It was just funny that they chose that as a Halloween costume.…Another guy was actually a little scary dressed as Michael Myers from the Halloween movies….Friday night, I cooked Parmesan crusted tilapia, mixed veggies and rice. It was so good and filling.  I stayed at home and watched a movie because my sinuses are bothering me AGAIN. I’ve never had this many repeat sinus issues in my life. 

Saturday afternoon my little sister and I went to the park. She told me she was “happy to have her sister back” …referring to the fact that Mr. Man and I are no longer dating, and we get to spend more time together…. I ran for just a little bit, and then  couldn’t run anymore.  I don’t know really why…was it this allergy cold sinus thing?  Was I just being lazy? Was it because my ankle was hurting? Do I have a mental block with week 3?  I don’t know; I was disappointed with myself.  I didn’t feel like giving up or anything, we still walked about 2 miles, but I just didn’t run.  I’m so glad that I signed up for the Team in Training.  The kick off is next week-end, and then the sessions with the trainer will start.  I think a change of scene and a new plan will get me motivated again.

Today, I went to church.  My plan was to go to the studio afterwards and create Week 3 for the bridge to 10k, but that’s nearly impossible with my nasal voice.  I sound like a frog and I’m constantly blowing my nose and making gross throat noises.  I don’t actually feel sick, I sound worse than it actually is…..Well that’s about it.  I hope to get back to running tomorrow.

  1. hope your sinuses clear up soon. if you have time, post the recipe for the fish, please and thank you.

  2. I had the same problem with week 4. I got stuck there. I changed my routine, started running outside, and all of a sudden, I just blew through week 4! But now I’m back on the treadmill, running inside, because I don’t like to run in the rain. I can’t seem to get past 10 minutes on the tread. Let’s see if we can power each other through our blocks!

  3. Week 2 on the B to 10k is done? Very cool. So, I was in two newspapers last week and on the Radio…I’m a total celebrity, but only in my own mind. One of our ER providers, who is an AVID runner, commented on my 5k. I told him I thought I did pretty well and was now ramping up for a 6k. Obviously I meant 10k but he had a great laugh at my expense so all is well. Some days, I feel like I’m working towards a 6k…I think the crud is going around here too! Hang in there, you’ll be back at it in no time!


  4. TxNY Queen…my sinuses are a little better and I posted the recipe just for you! 🙂 Sorry the fonts are so random.

  5. Angela, yes we can do it together! Thanks for your comment, I listened to a different podcast and it made all the difference. I had to mix it up.

  6. Jenn, you are a celebrity! I haven’t even made it to the radio yet. I so love your finish line picture. Keep pushing towards that “6K” lol. Yes week 2 is done, I’m reviewing it now, and if it sounds good, I’ll post in the next day or so. I’ll get your pic on the Wall of fame too. Thanks again for mentioning my website in the paper.

  7. You bet. Your website, litteraly found by accident, changed my whole perspective on running. I like to share good things. Don’t be so modest….it’s absolutely FABULOUS! I hope you get a ton of hits and new followers. 🙂 Also, I will be donating to your new adventure soon. I’m so excited for you!


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