Well, first things first, I’m going to talk about the big pink elephant standing in the room that everyone sees, but no one wants to talk about.  What the heck am I talking about? Mr. Man…..  If you really regularly read my blog you probably noticed that I haven’t mentioned him. That’s because we’re no longer dating…*pause for gasp*…..Don’t worry or freak out.  I’m okay…really I am….I’m not just saying it.  I would give details, but I respect that everyone does not like their personal business broadcast over the internet.  But I will say that it ended amicably; there was no drama, no tears.  Long story short, we were good on all the little things.  We had fun playing games, dancing, and even working out together, but we had different ideas when it came to our visions of the future.  In order for a relationship to work, both people have to want the same things, and we didn’t.  So…. that’s about all I can say…. 

I went to the LLS Team in Training meeting last night and officially signed the contract stating that I would finish the Half Marathon and raise at least $900 to help find a cure for cancer.  There’s no turning back now….Since today is Wednesday, my best friend and I went to the park.  I told her that I was finishing up Week 2 and that I would have to run intervals while she walked.  It wasn’t even 7 o’clock yet, but the sun was already set.  We were both a little nervous about working out in Forest Park after dark. My friend jokingly looked up at the sky and started singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, since the moon and stars were already shining.  We walked and talked during the 5 minute warm up, and then I took off running for the first interval.   As it got darker and darker, I felt less and less safe.  I started walking back towards her.  I would run ahead and then walk back, so that we could still see each other.  By that last run, it was really dark.  I started hearing weird things, I felt like Dorothy in the enchanted forest, scared that one of those winged monkey things were gonna jump out at me.  All of the other bikers and runners had flashing lights, but; we only had the will to get in our routine Wednesday workout, clueless that we should’ve had appropriate night gear.   I told my girl that our “Wednesday Walk” was going to have to become our Wednesday Workout at home DVD.  She quickly agreed, as our cool down became a hurried walk back to my car.  Our legs were totally feeling the burn, but we were still moving quickly, so as not to become a scene from a scary movie or tomorrow’s newspaper headline.  We’re big city girls and walking alone in a public park at night, is just not something that you do…. Thankfully, we survived the night without getting mugged or run over by a biker.  I survived all 3 days of Week 2 and welcome the challenge of Week 3.

  1. So…I really did gasp…out loud. I’m sorry Carli, but I’m glad it ended amicably. 🙁 I cannot wait for you to find the person who shares your vision and you his…what a powerhouse couple that will be. Many hugs from MT.


  2. Sorry to hear that things didn’t work out with Mr. Man….its good you learned the lesson that God meant for you to learn and moved on without drama. Way to go on finishing week 2 and welcoming week 3.


  3. Hey Sister-Friend! Just ran my 5k. 35 minutes. The course was uphill one way, down the other, so I did intervals up and ran down. I was interviewed by our local newspaper because she said I looked so elated when I crossed the finish line! 🙂 I will submit my picture soon…cannot wait to be on you wall of fame! Yay me and Couch to 5k and without you….well, thank you so much for inspiring me.


  4. Thanks Linda, that’s exactly the way I see it, Lesson learned, moving forward.

  5. Hey Jenn girl!!! Yay!!!! I can’t wait to see your pic, I talk to you almost everyday and have no clue what you look like. LOL! Whoo-whoo, Just send me an email with your pic attached. I’m backlogged, I’ve got several pics I need to upload to My Wall of Fame. But I’ll get you on there for sure. 🙂

  6. Hi Carli,
    I was busy at work last week and on a short vacation, so just had a chance to catch up on the blog. A few things…First, I’m SO excited to download your new podcast! Second, you can totally do that half marathon. Prior to using your podcasts, I have mostly been a walker, just finished my 19th half marathon (walk/jogged quite a bit of it) a couple weeks ago–you can do it, walk some, jog some, do what feels the most fun. And a tip someone shared with me recently, once you get to mile 8, give yourself a little something, like a jelly bean or gummy bear at each mile marker—I’ll do anything for a gummy bear :). Finally, I’m sorry to hear about Mr. Man, but it sounds like you’ve both made the right choice and that there will be an Mr Even More Awesome Man out there one of these days.

  7. hey… congrats jenn!! (from Massachusetts to Mt… via St.Louis!… cool, huh?)

  8. Aubree, Welcome back! You’ve done 19??? Wow…. I love your gummy bear idea. I KNOW I’m going to be the chunky girl popping candy during the half marathon. And I”ll definitely keep my eye out for Mr. Even More Awesome Man 🙂

  9. just getting caught up on all your posts now…sorry to read about Mr. Man…mine said we shouldn’t see each other the day before my first 5k race…NOT what I thought he was going to say when I called to ask if he was going to be there at the finish line for me…sigh… I’m still hoping he comes to his senses and realizes you shouldn’t just throw away a relationship because it requires effort…

  10. Oh wow Kathy! That sucks, I was actually dating this guy during my 1st 5K, He wasn’t even good enough to mention on the blog…lol. And he didn’t show up on race day either. He only wanted what was convenient for him. Eventually it got to the point that I told him, no more of what works just for you….NEXT! 🙂

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