I’m sticking to the training plan.  Some days I’ve actually surprised myself.  Yesterday, I was soooo tired.  I only got like 4 or 5 hours of sleep the night before.  It was a freakishly warm November day in the mid 70’s and I really wanted to train outside after I got off work, but it was just too dark.  I know I griped about daylight savings time in my last post, so I’ll just have to get over the fact that the sun starts to set a little after 3 in the afternoon.   Anyway, I digress….. I forced myself to go the gym instead.  It’s only one mile I kept telling myself.  Just one mile, that’s only 19 laps around the track.  It’s only 15 minutes.  Who cares how goofy I look walking in the gym and leaving out 15 minutes later.  I climbed the stairs to the indoor track and started counting backwards with each lap, 19, 18, 17 and so on.  When I reached 10, I told myself I’m half way there.  Even though I was dog tired I jogged the last couple of laps just to make it go by faster, and leisurely strolled around the very last lap to cool down.  I finished in about 16 minutes.  Wiped my sweat and proudly went home. 

 I’m such a movie fanatic, instead of coming home and going to sleep, me and my best friend watched Killers on DVD.  It was alright, kinda weird making a playful comedy about government assassins.  After the movie, I checked off my pink “X” on the fridge calendar and then crashed.  It’s strange; I feel the biggest sense of accomplishment when I check off those boxes.  Today the schedule called for “cross-training.”  The trainer didn’t say specifically what type of cross-training, so I figured anything outside of walking or running would do.  I washed the dishes and wondered if that would count as “cross-training”…probably not; especially since I loaded most of them in the dishwasher.  I had to catch up on my TV shows so I turned on the DVR and watched Mike & Molly.  I worked out on the elliptical during the entire episode minus the commercials that I fast forwarded through.  I originally started watching the show because my Hollywood Aunt  plays the role of “Nana”, but now I like the show, because it’s super funny.  Very adult jokes, but I was laughing and pedaling all the way to the end.   Tomorrow is the first day that calls for 2 Miles.  I’m not really worried about, except that I’m going to have to train in the morning before work.  I have to go to some dinner banquet for my Dad’s job right after work and he wants all of his “girls” there.   I’ll be surprised if it’s anything but boring baked chicken and corporate smiles around the circle table.  Well… at least my sisters and my Mama will be there, and we know how to have a good time wherever we go….That’s all folks!  I’m going to do a few updates to my site, and try to follow up on some emails before bed.  Good night!

  1. I love Mike and Molly! And I love your Hollywood Aunt’s character!

  2. Hey Stephanie, I love the show too. I just wached it last night on DVR, and laughed all the way through. The fat girl in me was eyeballing that birthday cake….I texted my Aunt about her great singing scene at the church, and she replied “Nana is making it HAPPEN!” lol

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