Today was probably the last warm day of the year.  Even though it was dark and threatening to rain, I really wanted to train in the park tonight after work.  I took the ferocious beast also known as my fur baby Nyah to protect me.  And, I put on a neon green reflector work vest that my friend accidently left at my house months ago.  I called my Mom and my sisters who all thought I was crazy to walk in the park at night.  My Big Little Sister called dibs on my cute clothes just in case I got “chopped up by a killer” and my other Little Sister begged me not to risk my life so close to the holidays.

It was so nice outside, until my Little Sis called to tell me “Noah’s Ark” rain was coming my way.  Nyah and I picked up the pace.  At first it was just a sprinkle.  And believe it or not, I liked it!  I’ve said over and over how much I hate rain. But, ironically,  it was like the bestselling children’s book Green Eggs and Ham .  After I tried it, I really liked it.  The cool drops felt refreshing against my hot sweaty face. That was until a loud crack of thunder stopped me and Nyah dead in our tracks.  We both looked up and then it POURED down rain.  We were soaked. I ran to all the way to the car, and when I sat down in my soggy pants, I had flash backs of my bathroom disaster.  Ugh, it was horrible.  Then the windshield wiper broke on my car broke due the the tumultuous rain. It was just a mushy mess…. So I decided to write this little poem…

I would not, could not, in the rain…
I do not like rain here or there
I do not like rain anywhere
I do not like rain in the park
I do not like rain in the dark
Not in the dark. Not on a train.
Not in my car, Not in a tree.
I do not like rain, Sam, you see!*

*Okay, so Dr. Seuss wrote it, but it seemed appropriate.  LOL!

  1. Haha ha ha haaaa! So appropriate. I DO NOT like working out in the rain. That’s funny stuff, lady! Have a happy Sunday! 🙂


  2. Thanks Jenn! I’ve got a great new post, but I can’t get the freakin pictures aligned right, it’s so irratating, I’ve been working on it for HOURS. I think I might need to take a class instead of trying to teach myself computer coding. *sigh*

  3. I FIXED it! Jenn you brought my blog good luck! 🙂

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