When I first started training for the half marathon with Team in Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society I didn’t have a personal connection to the mission.  However,  my Great Uncle (My Granny’s brother) just passed away from the disease.  He kept it a secret and no one knew he had Leukemia.  I can’t imagine keeping a secret like that… I like to talk too much, I think I might have kidney stones and I already told the whole World Wide Web! (don’t worry…I’m going to the doctor on Thursday to find out for sure)…. Anyway, I definitely knew him but I wasn’t super close to him because he lived in another state.  However, I still have to watch my Granny, my Mom and others grieve as a result of the disease.  So now when I raise funds and complete my race in April, I will be doing so in honor of my Uncle and all the others who have to fight blood cancers.

What Did Carli Eat Today?  (It’s been TOO long since I’ve posted one of these)

B– Oatmeal and lo fat yogurt

L– Salad with chicken on top and honey mustard dressing

S– Granola Bar

D– Open Face Tuna Melt I made at home.  It was delicioius!  ( I put a little chesse and lo fat ranch dressing instead of Mayo)

S– Salty Sweet Trail Mix…the whole 99 cent bag, I just kept eating it…*sigh* at least the rest of the day was alright

*Have you Checked out Groupon yet?  I’m always excited to see what the deal of the day is!  I got $25 off my new running shoes with a Groupon.

  1. Hi Carli! I finished the C2k5 program a few weeks ago (thanks to your podcast). I ran my 1st race on Thanksgiving morning with a time of 36min and was 12th in my age group (women 40 and up). I just wanted to thank you for helping me achieve a major goal. I wanted to send in a picture for the wall of fame but, I can’t figure out how. Please help.
    Also I’m now training to do a 10 k in February and a 1/2 marathon by June. Happy running.

  2. Regina! That’s Fantastic! I had 2 others who did Thanksgiving races and joined the Wall of Fame as well.. Congrats on such an awesome finish time and good rank. You did it!!!! Send me an email with the picture attached, and I will upload it to my Wall of fame. My email address is carli@carlifierce.com

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