I have been in vacation mode ever since I got back from Mexico.  Yesterday was the first day that I didn’t feel lazy.  I had every intention to get in a workout but one of the partners from my law firm gave away his season pass tickets to the St. Louis Cardinals baseball game.  The seats were so good I couldn’t pass it up.  Me, my little sister, my best friend, and my gym cousin went to the game.  It was fun, but freezing cold.  Far too cold for a May night in St. Louis.  We were wrapped in Snuggies, gloves and coats as we braved low 40 degree weather.  But, at least we won the game.

 I decided that I want to run a 10k this summer.   I know that training is something that cannot be rushed.  I printed out some calendars today so that I can make up my training schedule.  I was so inspired by your stories that you shared in my Roll Call post.  You guys are amazing!  You’ve lost so much weight, overcome so many obstacles and become healthier.  I was so inspired that I thought I would go out today and run to week 3 of my podcast.  I called my Little Sister and she said “Come Swoop,” which I figured translates from cool 16-year-old language into regular English as “pick me up on your way.”  She always says I’m “old” when I have her translate things.  Anyway, it’s been so long since I’ve run, that I forgot that week 3 had three minute runs.  I might be able to walk 13 miles  but I certainly could not run for three minutes.  I think next time I will run with week 2.  It sort of feels like starting over, but I guess that’s because I am.  I’ve started over many times, so it’s not really a big deal.  Once I realized that I couldn’t really run the full three minutes, I ran up the giant hill and back down.  That was enough to make me sweat.  After a quick 30 minute workout, I was happy to be moving again in getting back acclimated to real life.

What Did Carli Eat Today? (Not the best, not the worst)

B– Burnt Bagel (don’t go pee while the bagel is in the toaster oven)

L– Deli sandwich on wheat with cheddar cheese, Doritos, corn

S– Caramel Brownie

D– Tilapia Sandwich and broccoli and cauliflower with cheese

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