On Sunday, I made up for my lazy Saturday. I did several loads of laundry, finished day 2 of Week 4 and even bought some new fish for my fish tank.

 I also listened to my hypnosis CD session about “exercise.” You know the dreaded E-word that is rarely used in my vocabulary. I prefer saying a “run” a “walk” a “workout” a “trip to the gym,” anything but “exercise.” Yuck! Once I got over the fact that they were going to continue call extra activity the E-word, I was able to take it all in. I woke up this morning with an urge to walk during lunch and hit the gym after work. Unfortunately, we have big meeting tomorrow at the office, and I worked through lunch preparing for it, so that canceled out my noon day walk…. Remember my good friend that they fired? And, I was all mad at the world? Well, she got a great job at a firm down the street, so were lunching and walking together again Yay! Anyway, When I got home I changed into my gym gear before I had a chance to sit down or get comfortable. I finished up Week 4 of the Couch to 5K. I really wanted a good sweaty workout. About half way through, I felt the sweat creeping down my forehead and dripping off my nose. “YES!” I growled, I didn’t even wipe it away. I felt like I was really doing something. By the end of the last 5 minute run, my shirt was sticking to my back with sweat. I walked around a little bit to cool off, and then went to the “Exercise” room. I got on the newer stair step machine and set it to weight loss mode. I was sweating harder in 2 minutes than I had during my entire run around the track. I hunched over and strived to finish at least 5 minutes and not let that machine defeat me. I told myself, “come on out skinny me, I know you’re in there.” I watched the clock count down and nearly jumped off after the 5 minutes were over. I was beyond sweaty…. Hey, my crazy fun show United States of Tara  is on, gotta go, later!

  1. good job!! hey, is that a leopard scaring the fish??? I am so disoriented… xoxo- h

  2. LOL! My Best Friend said the EXACT same thing! I told her they don’t know it’s a leopard. And the little bala shark ones are supposed to grow up to 12 inches. I’ll have a great excuse to get a new tank.

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